Sisterhood of Traveling Pants

I think this is a rather crazy journey for a couple of 40 something years old girls. But we plan to do it, just for the sport. I knew this will be exhausting trip, especially for my Sis who has a bit of high blood sugar problem.

This is the plan:

  1. I will fly in to Singapore to do a couple of things:
    • Buy a plug-in key board for my PDA, so that I can write notes of this trip; at least that’s the idea.
    • Collect my train ticket from Singapore to KL, which I’ve asked my ex-colleague who’s now working in Singapore. The idea is I will take an overnight train to KL.
    • Meet up with old friends, which turn out that somebody is offering me a job….
  2. Overnight train to KL to our meeting point with my sister in KL Sentral.
  3. Stay overnight in a hostel in Bukit Bintang area.
  4. Get into the first flight to fly us to Seam Reap and stay in another backpacker’s hostel for 2 nights
  5. Get a local bus to Phnom Pen and stay overnight in another hostel
  6. Fly to Bangkok and stay for 3 nights there… in a backpacker hostel as well.

Total with the flight from and back to Doha, I will spend 10 exiting and exhausting nights. Why is it exiting? Because we are busy doing things exploring new places and experiencing new things. However, it could be tiring too, especially for me, as normally I don’t sleep during overnight flight, in order to cope with the jetlags as there will be 4 to 5 hours difference between Doha – KL and Bangkok-Bangkok, not to mention I need to stay alert all the time for this travel… as you do on any travels.

This is the map of our traveling:

Total I travel will be: 6300 km of flying intercontinental, with 4 to 5 time zone difference.

Means of transport will be airplane, train and bus. Actually I fancy riding motorbike as well, but it seems we need longer time and arrangement to do that; however, we manage to ride bicycle in Phnom Penh instead.

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