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Canals of Amsterdam

One of the unique things about Amsterdam is its waterways, and here are the canals as I see it through my camera:

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  1. Muhani Irawati Nandana

    Sebetulnya ini jg direncanakan oleh Belanda di Jakarta (kota) bedanya kanal di Amsterdam dijaga dengan baik di Jkt tidak ada yang peduli. Alhasil tidak kotor dsb….it is either we are not ready for it or we dont care enough, so any time in life kanal di Jakarta tidak bisa sama dengan yg dibuat di Amsterdam……very discouraging.


    • Memang beda budaya beda persepsi, susahnya di Jakarta budaya nya masih ‘nyampah” jadilah seperti itu…. yang ada rutin banjir kanal… 😦


    • Thanks Suri, I am still working on the laying out of this blog so that its easier to browse around my blog, so keep on visiting my blog there could be more to see… 🙂


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