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WTA End of Season Championship

To describe the difference between Bahrain and Qatar is difficult as both are part of the GCC, and they all competing to be a recognized countries in the world. But one thing I like about Qatar to me is the Tennis. As this is my sport, I enjoy the tournament and the entertainments it gave all the time I live in Qatar. There’s no such thing in Bahrain.

Less than a month after I came back to Doha, it held the year’s end of season Women Tennis Championship. With US $ 1,550,000 price money to take home for the winner out of top 8 players. This is the second year Doha held this tournament and I missed it last year, as I had just moved to Bahrain.

Nonetheless, right after I arrived in Doha, the first thing I did was to buy the ticket for this WTA End of Season Championship. The used to be free entertainment of top quality tennis in Doha, is not free anymore.  I have to rush to the ticket booth to ‘buy’ for it, I plan to buy a season ticket, which is quite cheap, for a QR 300.- we don’t have to fight for our seats and the best bit is it’s for the whole tournament. I have to agree that was considerable cheap compare to paying ticket to go to Wimbledon for instance.

Never mind that, when I tried to buy the ticket for this championship; it was almost sold out, I could not get any ticket to a nice position, all that was left was for free seating (no allocated seats anymore) and it was in an up high position on the extra stand that Doha had just built especially for this tournament. I wonder why this tournament is popular in Doha, the Women Tennis Championship. As I thought in this part of the world men are not supposed to see girls who is showing off the curve of their body, bare arms and legs and not to mention their knickers that from time to time flashing out to public during the match.

Even though this is “only” Doha, a not so much tennis enthusiast, but we manage to have a bit of a celebration, i.e. how they present the trophy as if it comes from the sky, as well as Tracy Austin as the champion’s interviewer were also came from the US.

For me, the best part of the game was to watch the Ladies Doubles Championship. The thrill of playing fast tennis with so much power, the grunt of each player as they try to deliver the ball across the net as quick, as fast as possible but yet still control it.  And in between there’s the public entertainment. From the tennis fans…. A group of Spanish performance who happens to be in town came to support their athletes, who eventually won the championship.

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I used to live as an expat and travel around the Middle East. After 10 years working in the Arabian Gulf I am now retired and living in the UK but still retain my interests of further travels and exploring new horizons.

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