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Qatar National Day

The first time I moved to Qatar, in 2005 I learnt that the country’s celebrate has a one day holiday for it’s Independence day on the 3 of September. However, the odd thing was that there was no celebration at all, no festive atmosphere at all, either approaching that day or on that particular day. Even certain banks are still doing their business.

Suddenly, two years ago, they moved the day, to the 18th of December; the funny thing was they announce it only a week before September 3rd. As usual nothing happens during the day itself.

This year, while I was not expecting anything, Qatar had something different. A few days before the D day, they started building tents and gear up with a lot of Qatar flags along almost every main road and small road. Finally I got a notification on my mobile to come and celebrate their “National Day” parade along the Corniche.

The parade are not only about school children but also the “animal” brigade…  Well, not all are animal force, there are also the real military force:

and off course the most cheered brigade: the girls….


  1. Hani Darusman

    It is difficult to believe that an “independence” day can be altered as simple as that……One would think being “independent” is such a meaningful event/experiene and once determined as a “national” day one cant move it around thus difficult to say when the “fan fare” is on……..but to each his own, I geuss…. Judging from the photographs…………very impressive


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