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Visa for Qatar

Here is a question: “How do I get my lady friend to Qatar? There are two options:

  1. Book a hotel and let the hotel arrange a visit visa for her. But what if I want her to stay with me? This is where things are getting complicated.
  2. Several conditions applies if I would like to invite somebody to visit Qatar:
  • In the condition if I work in a company that directly sponsored me to work in Qatar, I will have to ask the company whom I work with to arrange a visa.
  • In the case I am a  wife with a residence permit visa/dependant visa on my passport instead of a working visa, then I could not invite her, I need my husband’s company to sponsor her.
  • In the case I am a man would like to invite my lady friend, this is not possible unless I have my wife staying with me. This means, single man could not invite his lady friend to visit him in Qatar. And vice versa applies; single woman could not invite her man friend to visit.
  • In the case of I am an older woman would like to have my adult son to visit me. This is not possible especially if we have different surnames.
  • In the case that I want my old parents to visit me? Tough luck, they could not visit me if they are older than 70 years old, even though they are still fit to travel

Those are the the leg works need to be done inside Qatar, while applying visa usually is for somebody who is not yet in Qatar, what kind of paper works she needs to prepare? (remeber, this is a business visa!)

  1. Copy/ scan copy of the passport which shows the page with photograph and ID details. If within her passport stated her qualification, scanned that as well.
  2. If she currently live in another country other than her own country, that means that she needs to include the scanned of the residence visa of that particular country.
  3. If she had lived in one of the gulf countries, attached the scanned copy of that residence visa as well regardless that residence visa had been canceled.
  4. This is the funny part, she also need to attached her qualification, and as an engineer/architect, it would be easier for her get the visa compare to if she is only a generalist such a secretary etc.

With that compiled, then I will send that to my company and the PRO will go to the immigration, register it to get code and pay the fee for QR 200.-. With the code, I could track down the status of her visa code online. The immigration office will issue the visa online in a view days, or maybe less. Thus my Kenyan friend would be able to print it out from where ever she is (outside Qatar of course). Only then, once she has seen the visa (on line) she could buy herself a ticket to visit me.  In the case other case, the company could just email me the print visa, so that I could email her where ever she’d be.

To be save, she needs to print out the visa and take it with here to enter the immigration gate at Doha Airport and show it at the check point. This formality is just in case, as her name should already be in the system, and once they’ve seen the name on the custom’s computer screen, they might not asked for the printout visa anymore.

The strange part here is that usually the country would asked for a fee from the outside Qatar, which means that it’s an income to the country, but instead, the fee came from within Qatar. Is that means they are not accepting/expecting an income from foreigner/tourism? Obviously they are not……

The other side of the story; those people who comes from countries that does not required a visa from Qatar, was lucky, they could come and go as they like for what ever purpose is and regardless your age. But for those who is origin from the unlucky countries (mostly from the Third Country Nationality); well, unless you are going to do business, you are not welcome as a tourist!

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I used to live as an expat and travel around the Middle East. After 10 years working in the Arabian Gulf I am now retired and living in the UK but still retain my interests of further travels and exploring new horizons.


  1. ruth

    its possible to get a tourist visa in qatar after i cancelled my working visa last August 10, 2010 ? coz they said 2 years ban after i resign from my previous job. I just want to visit my friend coz she invite me.


    • Qatar immigration regulation changes almost everyday. You can alway enter Qatar with invitation visa which arrange from within Qatar, not from Qatar Embassy outside Qatar. However, in your case, unless you could get an NOC from your previous company, you could not enter Qatar for visit nor business within that period


  2. fathi

    Will there be any problem or any chance that i will get offloaded here by immigration even i have a tourist visa arranged by one of the hotel in qatar? I am from philippines anyway…i will have 2 way ticket and money as “show money”….just want to meet my female friend in qatar.


    • Nin

      Visa normally arrange by hotel. As long as you are not over stay, I think you should be alright


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  4. hi everyone ,mine is am a widow with four kids and from Mali, an auxiliary nurse by profession, want to go to Qatar, what type of visa can I pursue. ?


    • Hi Kadi,
      To get a Qatar visa, basically you need a sponsor, who’s able to sponsor you while you stay/live in Qatar, be it as a tourist or working/live permanently.
      Thus if you want to work in Qatar, you need a sponsor to get you a visa to stay in Qatar. This sponsor could be your employer, be it an individual or a company, regardless your nationality is. In you case, it is best for you to get a job in Qatar first (to work in a medical industry), and let that company sponsor you as their employee sort out the contract and visa paperwork (working visa), and then you come to Qatar.
      I hope that help.


  5. wia

    Hi everyone .. i need info travel agent in Jakarta for help me can get visa for Qatar.


    • The key to get a visa for Qatar is from Qatar. What you need to do is book a hotel in Qatar and asked them to organise a visa to get in. Otherwise there’s no way to get a visa from Jakarta, Unless you have a relative who live in Qatar, then he/she will be the one who sponsor you to get the visa for you.


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  7. ana

    Hello i just wnt to ask for some help..I am here at thailand right now and planning to go to qatar before my visa lapse i came from i need show money? How much? I have my sister in qatar do i need to process my visa in phil or let my sister process it in qatar? Please help me


    • Basically you need a sponsor, who will provide you accommodation while you are in Qatar. If in your case it’s you sister who will provide your accommodation, she will be the one who process your visa; in Qatar and not from the Philippines or Thailand.


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