Britain is Grounded!

Volcano ashes of Iceliand - image courtesy of skynews

Ever since my relationship with Keith I have been visiting UK for several times now. The first time was by myself. I found it’s strange that it seems from time to time the UK airport had something to tell.

The first time was a bomb thread. I was in London, and that was just a day before my departure back to Doha, almost 4 years ago. This time, it’s the airspace havoc that cause by Iceland’s volcano ashes.

Yes, we are now still in Doha, nothing to worry about, but in 6 days time, we were supposed to fly to Heathrow, London, and continue to Edinburgh to get married the next day. Everything is set, hotel booked, and paid. Wedding is registered and paid. Photographer’s appointed, and paid. The rest of the trips were also fixed. But the big question remains, could we reach UK? Airport in Edinburgh may have opened by now, but to go to Edinburgh will need to pass thru Heathrow first. And up to this date, Heathrow is still close.

Movement of the volcanic ash

Well I guess we need to monitor the news closely, and let’s hope that no fly policy will be lifted soon and all could go normal again; and that should include all of Europe Airport, as most of my wedding guests will only fly into Edinburgh from Europe.

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