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Edinburgh We Come

After a couple of weeks of uncertainty, and two days before our date to go, we decided to cancel everything booking we made on traveling to Scotland, from car hire, hotel booking to the photographer, except the airline booking. We accept that it could be some loss as well as some booking would charge us a nominal amount for cancelation.

This bloody volcanic ash, was really annoying, as we were forced to cancel everything; the deciding factor was that even though there would be a slim change that the airport might open during the day of our planned trip, but we might not be able to travel back. Worst of all, we were forced to canceled our wedding which means to tell our guests who come from different places in Europe as well as Doha itself.

Our flight was schedule to leave at almost midnight of the 21st April. After we canceled almost every booking (except the flight) on the evening of the 20th, the news that we were following said that there could be a change that Heathrow is in operation tomorrow, for long haul flights and that will include our flight from Doha. But as we could not afford to be stranded in UK after our scheduled holiday, we decided to call off the wedding and reschedule it sometimes in the future. Things getting complicated when it’s not easy to reschedule everything, as it all related to everybody’s (the guest of honor’s) schedule as well.

The route to Edinburgh

After I sleep it over, and listen to the news again on the day we were supposed to leave, I decided to take the risk and carry on going to Edinburgh…. This means we need to make a lot of phone calls to our guests who will come from around UK and Netherland, and rebook everything again, including the hotels, the hired car, the photographer etc., which we’d canceled the day before.  And fingers crossed, that we won’t be stranded in Scotland, by the volcanic ash that is very unpredictable.

Thus, on the day we were supposed to go, we were busy calling our guests and relatives to carry on with the original schedule; make the booking for everything again, as well as final packing, and this time it’s not a normal trip but a wedding trip, with all extra shoes, wedding dress, jewelry etc.  not to mention my normal travel equipment: cameras, computers and all other gadgets….

And Edinburgh… here we come (forget about the wedding, it’s the holiday and traveling to a new place that excites me more…. 🙂


Above Edinburgh

Picture above Edinburgh, before we land on Edinburgh Airport…. No sign of volcanic ash!



  1. jeselle

    atleast you’re lucky enough, you’ve made it there…and not stranded…hehehe..


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