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Road Trip and Sat-Nav System

I was worried as one of my guest to my wedding who comes from London were driving all the way to Edinburgh, and as I mentioned before, none of us knows anything about Edinburgh at all. She might have been to Edinburgh before, as she said, but it was on business trip, and I am pretty sure that she was flying in to Edinburgh.

This time she had to drive to Edinburgh, I am sure she could find her way out when it comes to intercity driving, as the map and the signage along the way was very clear. I’ve done that (navigating from London to Bristol) relying on UK map and the sign post along the road – considering I am an Indonesian tourist. But when entering the city, with some roadwork, one way street system, traffic lights and not to mention the traffic jam…. I don’t think it’s that easy….

But to cut the story short, she made it. Arrive in time for my wedding. Later on when we asked her, how she managed to find the hotel easily and without getting lost, she said it was really easy. She is using “Sat-Nav” which helped her a great deal.

“It’s very easy to work with; just in put the post code address, and it’ll direct you there…” that was her answer when we asked her how it works.

Normally I am the gadget freak; whenever we travel, I never forgot my gadget toys, from mobile, laptop, to camera, “Come on Nin, how come you are not updated on these things…. I thought you are the gizmo kid …. “ that was Keith commented on me for not urging to use Sat Nav system. To be honest, the reason I did not insist of doing so is because I had a bad experience using Sat Nav in the US. My Sat Nav device did not work and we were force to return it to the Car Hire Company.


Anyway, as she managed to convince us how easy it was, and I saw how it works, we decided to give it a try when we hired a car to travel around Scotland. Tomtom, the brand of the satnav gizmo Avis Car Hire gave us, and they charged extra for this.

I must admit, it is so much easier now than 3 years ago… and by just inputting the post code of the next hotel in St Andrews, TomTom did not fail us. It gets us there, thru the shortest and least traveled way, and maybe more scenic road as well.

Here we are…. at St Andrews



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