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St Andrews, Golfing Mecca


St Andrews - the Golfing Mecca

As usual, before we travel, I booked my hotel online thru various online booking agencies. When I tried St Andrew, I wonder why all hotel prices are above £ 80.- and from the pictures and the review it worth not more than max £60.-???

As I have no choice, and I don’t want to stay in a too shabby hotel, – this was supposed to be our honeymoon – I finally picked a hotel with a rather middle of the road price, not too cheap and not too expensive according to St Andrews’ standard (which is different from Edinburgh’s standard).


St. Andrews Map

The Albany hotel was located in a good street, within access to the main attraction of St Andrews golf course and a few other local attractions, such as the harbor and an old ruined of St Andrews Castle, Fife Coastal Path, and St Andrews Cathedral. On the map, it’s located just in the middle of North Street. Within walking distance you could end up on the water front wheather it’s by St. Andrew’s Cathedral, an old ruin from the year 1160. From this point I could see the golf course as well as the harbour; and they are all within walking distance.

Harbour of St Andrews

Ruin of St Andrews' Castle - Built in 1200 by Bishop Roger, this was the St Andrews Episcopal Palace for 400 years.

St Andrews Cathedral - was founded in 1160, it took some 100 years to build by successive Bishop, but then parts collapsed in 1409, and in 1649 The Scottish Parliament authorised use of its stones to fortify the town.

Signboard of the city map very handy for tourists

St Rules Tower - the oldest tower in St Andrews built between 4th and 9th century.

The Royal & Ancient (R&A) Club House - the old Golf Course Club House

The Swilken Burn Bridge - the most famous little bridge, located on the 18th green of the Old Course. Whenever there's no game, tourist takes turn to pose on it.

Once my sat-nav took us there, I was very surprice that the hotel was only very small hotel. From the facade, it’s part of a long row houses that stretch along the block. It took only 3 bays, one bay for a widish single entrance door, and the other 2 bays are for windows that lighten the lounge which was only around 5 by 5 m size. I can asure that the width of the hotel building max is 8 m and only 2 storeys above the ground. This must be a very small hotel with less that 10 bedrooms.

The hotel's bedroom

Our room was straight ahead from the entrance door. They call it “the den”. I think this is a rip off…. for a very small bedroom with limited fasilities (small bathroom, small tv and very tight bedroom) I have to pay £110.- with the same price in Edinburgh we have stayed in a 5 stars hotel. But to my surprise, the hotel is very popular…. Must be the golf attraction that made all hotels in this city are exceptionally expensive

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