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Monogamous Ducks

As I wrote earlier in my photography category, I don’t really take a good photograph, as a matter of fact I don’t really know how to get a good quality picture. Regardless that, I still like to take photograph, my aim is not necessarily to get a beautiful result, but more or less to capture the moment, and maybe later on it could create it’s own story.

It is for the above-mentioned purposes as well that I like to take animal picture, either it’s a domesticated animals like dogs or wild life that I found on my travel. To me it’s a challenge to get their picture in action, but it’s also intriguing to watch their behavior

One example is the Duck, yes the bird, which according to the research,  ducks are generally monogamous, although these bonds generally last a single year only. Larger species and the more sedentary species (like fast river specialists) tend to have pair-bonds that last numerous years. Most duck species breed once a year, choosing to do so in favourable conditions (spring/summer or wet seasons).

Thus they were almost always found walking as a couple, male and female, like what I’ve capture along my travel:

4 couple of ducs in Doha Club, Doha Qatar

Now the question is how do I know that they are 4 couples? One thing for sure is that in the picture there are 8 ducks. The one with green head or dark head is the male duck and the one in brownish head is always the female duck like the images below:

Male duck on the the front ground with green/dark head, always more colourful than the female duck

Female duck with with similar colour of feather from head to tail.

I found them in The Hague, Holland, enjoying the sun….

another couple of ducks that I found in Grantown-on-Spey, Scotland

these couple of ducks I found in The Hague, Holland, sunbathing enjoying the spring

But hey, as well as human, the trend to go gay is also applicable to modern ducks. These two ducks I found one rainy afternoon in Arden, Scotland.

Afternoon stroll together… with no other duck/couple to go with….

Being monogamous does not means they have to be male and female….


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I used to live as an expat and travel around the Middle East. After 10 years working in the Arabian Gulf I am now retired and living in the UK but still retain my interests of further travels and exploring new horizons.


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