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Bryan Adams in Doha

Bryan Adams in Doha

“Let’s play at the Beach,”

That was Bryan Adams’ as he tried to excite the audience at his concert when he performed in Doha for the second time.

Yes, Bryan Adams rocked Doha for almost 2 hours at the Intercontinental Hotel Doha last Thursday night.

At first I was amazed, when the ticket saleslady told me that the beach of the Intercontinental Hotel can cater for 10,000 people but they only printed 5000 tickets.  I wonder how it would be when the beach will be full, as my view is, yes, it’s the largest beach in town, but I didn’t think it was big enough.

When the day came, I was surprised the queue to the gate at 8pm was almost a kilometer. I thought Bryan Adams was out of fashion and only for the middle aged fans, but obviously I was wrong.  Uncle Bryan was as popular for the oldies as well as for the younger generation.

As usual, security issue and alcohol issue is a big thing in Doha, no wonder, when the organizer told us that gate opens at 7.30, we had to queue up until 9.00 just to pass the security/metal detector gate, checking tickets, ID and making sure that nobody had cameras with them, otherwise they would be asked to go back to the car and leave it there.

Alcohol is a major issue… which the western audience can not live without. Part of the fun was enjoying the rocking music with their beer. I think that is why they have this concert at a hotel instead of at a stadium: this concert had to be licensed.  Intercontinental Hotel was very clever to separate the place from the hotel and let one part of the hotel outlet serving alcohol (alcohol island) for those who fancy to have beer or other booze. However they needed to finish their drinks within the “island” perimeter only, and still no drinks permitted inside the concert area….

The question is whether they are going to have this practice during the World Cup 2022 or Qatar will change to rules on Alcohol Banned/monopoly as alcohol is practically a big no no in Qatar. But for now… I am sure Bryan Adams could live with what Intercontinental Hotel’s offer even though it’s very cliquey… and ROCK  ON Doha.

Bryan Adams rock Doha

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