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Camel Ride at Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Is the famous dessert valley that cut into the granite rock and sand stone in south of Jordan. It made famous to the Western modern history because of the connection with British officer T.E Lawrence during the Arab Revolt in the First World War. What I did was not  like Crossing Jordan on camel the way Laurence of Arabia did, but at least I did this when we were at Wadi Rum, Jordan, Camel Ride with my fellow traveler.

It was early in the morning at 7am, and I think the temperature was as low as below 4 °C, and the Bedouin who will take us for Camel Ride around (not across) Wadi Rum was already there, waiting for us….

It was freezing cold that morning, we had to cover up with our colourfull blanket

Well the ride was not as majestic as in the hey day of Silk Road era, or as epic as Lawrence of Arabia, but it is historic for me as by doing this I crossed off my Travel Bucket List

Crossing Jordan

My camel walking across Wadi Rum


    • Ha ha ha.. ga juga sih, kamu kalo liat di slideshow yang ada di post “Crossing Jordan” ada foto dimana kita ber api-unggun dengan seorang berbaju arab?, itu kita bermalam di tendanya dia, lalu besok paginya jalan naik unta… he he he 🙂


      • wah nin dah kayak ekspedisi ya.

        kalo mau pepees atau pupi masalah gak nin?



      • Iya… tapi ini santai aja, bareng turis yang lain, sangat commersial, jadi ini lebih kayak camping biasa


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