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Finally I managed to visit the other Middle East country after more than five years living in the Middle East, this time it’s Syria and Jordan; and it was before the crack down in Syria. Pictures above are selected from posts below:


12-19: 2011 Qatar National Day – gallery


11-13: High Tea at Sydney Opera House – eBlog

11-06: Nama Belakang – iBlog


10-24: Gadget Packing

10-08: Cocktail

10-03: Travel Pain


09-20: Becoming an Actress in Qatar


06-09: Jamie’s Italian in Bristol


05-31: Informasi Umroh Lewat Darat – iBlog

05-21: Inside the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus

05-08: Desert Landscape – gallery


04-19: Camel Ride at Wadi Rum

04-07:The Old City of Damascus

04-06: Orient Palace Hotel in Damascus

04-05: Syria in March

04-04: Berwisata dengan “Exodus Travel” – iBlog

04-01: Pertanyaan tentang ‘Packing’ – iBlog


02-28: Beautiful Hat


01-09: 2011 Qatar ExxonMobil Tennis Tournament


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