Grab food as the

The Fantazia Show

Part of the imperial City tour program for Morocco which was promoted by our guide was the Fantazia Show, he said we could watch the famous Belly dancing and a lot of other traditional performances, while enjoying our traditional Moroccan dinner.

The truth is, yes, we might see traditional and Berber culture, which included horse riding, tambourine music, and….??? I think that’s about it.   Yes Belly dancing was shown as the main attraction, but don’t get too excited!

What was beyond my expectation was instead of having the show in a small tent and somebody performing for a small group of tourists of say 40 people max, our guide took us to somewhere out of town to an open air function area especially built for this show.  The development was look like a pseudo Moroccan castle with ‘cheap quality’ decoration, a large area of ground in the middle of it for the ‘horse show’.  Around it was concrete benches and dining rooms for groups of people to have their dinner while being entertained by terrible Arabic entertainment.  After the dinner they let us move to the arena to watch the belly dancing in the dark and from a long distance, and very a traditional horse show.

Food to grab…

Grab food as the

This is how to eat the “grab food”

Moral of the story is: if you were offered to go to the Fantazia Show, DON’T GO!!!!

Belly dancing in the dark and from a distance

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