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What I’ve done in 2012

Looking back at 2012, I had rather routine expat life in Qatar, has no plan to move on yet; however, I managed to enjoyed a few holidays abroad, including Morocco, as the first country in Africa I’ve visited, as well as a fantastic holiday in my home country, Bali. Blogging wise, not very promising, I did not manage to blog continuously.



11-02: What a Joke


08-03: Home Coming Holiday


06-30: Wedding at the Barn

06-29: Is Blogging a Full Time Job?

06-23: Shopping Time

06-03: London in a Day – gallery

06-01: a day in London


05-18: Media Sosial, Perlukah?

05-11: Packing List

05-06: Colourfull Marrakesh – gallery

05-04: The Fantazia Show


04-27: Berber Living

04-20: Morrocan Landscape

04-13: The King Hassan II Mosque

04-03: Rick’s Cafe


03-30: Inside Fes el Bali – gallery

03-23: Going to Medina at Fes

03-16: Rabat the Capita of Morocco

03-11: Corniche in the Morning – gallery

03-09 Casablanca

03-02: Moroccan Holiday

03-02: The Atlas Medina Hotel in Marrakesh


02-22: Where about in Bali

02-11: Bali as I know it


01-27: Qatar Motor Show 2012 – gallery

01-14: Sydney Harbour Bridge



  1. Muhani Irawati Nandana

    You have been travelling quite a lot. ….awesome….


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