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Remembering Syria

We were in Syria in 2011, for an 8 day guided tour trip around the country. Since we left, almost every day, I hear the news about the uprising in Syria . Believe it or not, today was exactly the day in 2011 that we left Syria at the border for Jordan and at the same time the uprising started to erupt in Daraa, the border city with Jordan. Since then, thousand have been killed and millions made homeless in Syria’s civil war. Sadly enough this has also caused irreparable damage to some of the world most precious historical sites.
We were lucky enough to see some of those historical sites all around Syria. I will dedicate my next posts to my memory of the good old Syria …

Please note a click with your mouse to top left hand corner of each picture gives a description.

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  1. Hi Nins. I work in the Middle East and have many Syrian work colleagues & friends. Truly horrific what is happening. God help Syria & its people.


    • Nin

      I work in the Middle East and has many colleagues and friends too, they are now a bit stuck with their life abroad, and worried about their family they left behind. Yes, it is a sad story….
      Thank you for dropping by Mike.


      • Thanks Nins. I live in Dubai (generally) but have been in Saudi for last 10 months. Inshallah returning to Dubai shortly. Mostly Syrian running my company. Really lovely people.


  2. Hi Nins (again!). – with your permission I will put link to your Syrian blog in my own blog this coming Friday. I have many Syrians on my list, including a number from Aleppo. Am sure they will really enjoy seeing their home town as it was, in all its splendour. Great work, well done Nins!


    • Nin

      Hello Mike. Glad you liked my Syrian blog, “Remembering Syria” and yes please include a link in your blog for your Syrian friends.
      My husband and I really enjoyed our week in Syria visiting interesting places and meeting the Syrian people.
      I really want to go back sometime.


      • Some incredible places out here to visit. Make sure & hubby get to Petra in Jordan sometime. Never to be forgotten place. Ok – over & out for tonight. Regards.


  3. Thanks for sharing. You were really lucky you were able to see the old sites. Now I still get upset whenever I hear about the damaged Aleppo.


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