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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

I got lost in a pretty English village, but when I tried to look for a signpost or anything that could help me find my way around. This is what I found:


What does it means, we are at “FOURWAYS” village or at a junction? I don’t think it answered my question which way should I take next.

But wait, there’s another sign says:

signage-1Where do you think I should go? I think I am still lost.

These English people are strange…………..


  1. hani

    That’s british humour………… just have to get used to it….


  2. hani

    Maaf kenapa jd dua kali muncul comments tante ya….that is to do with age not with humour I geuss


  3. agathacat2013

    Well if the village was so pretty why would you want to be anywhere else? 🙂


      • agathacat2013

        I suppose the sign could also be thought to inspire adventure or aimless wondering. Going this way or that way just to see where your feet will lead you is potentially more exciting than knowing where you are going.


      • Nin

        That’s right, and I think the title of this blog should’ve been “Get Lost in England” 🙂


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