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What is Versetile?

When I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, I was taken aback, I did’t know what to do. Yes, I was very thrilled and honoured to be nominated, but then what should I do next?

As a long term blogger, that is after 8 years and counting of blogging, I had been wanting to get an award, or at least being nominated. I had given up hope to get this kind of award, as I have to accept the fact that until this year, I only blogged on and off. Thanks to The Travel Mudskipper who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I had to browse around the next thing I should do after I’ve got this nomination. A wordpress blog called “Versatile Blogger Award” put together the responsibilities after one gets nominated for this VBA:

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award (Photo credit: It’s Great To Be Home)

  1. Thank the person who gives this award – a common courtesy: which is what I did in the first instance.
  2. Include a link to their blog – which I did simultaniously with thanking ‘The Travel Mudskipper above.
  3. Select 15 bloggers that I recently discovered and followed regularly – well this is the hard bit, as I follow and discover loads and loads of blogs everyday. I can not mention only 15 as all blogs that I follow are I think, versatile in their own right pretty good and they are in no particular order:
    • Adventure in Wornderland – Alison and Don’s Blog on their travel around the world which mostly covers South and South East Asia. I especially enjoyed their stories on Myanmar, as it’s not long before my husband and I follow their footsteps to travel to those areas.
    • Ijuhi Photography – maybe not so versatile, as it main topic is learning about photography. However I like this blog as it shows a very vivid and detailed photographs about small and daily things in this life. The bonus of this blog is it adds to my collection of recipes for my mission of learning how to cook and how to take food photographs.
    • Meg Travels –  Meg’s travel specialties are travels around Europe and part of the US, however this doesn’t make her less versatile, as its about what she wrote and the pictures she attached to her stories that make her blog interesting.
    • Lakshmi Love to Shop – tells the ins and out of traveling throughout India as well as her other travels. Although she doesn’t like awards, but I will nominate her anyway
    • Nomad Notions –  travel blog of Jenna, who writes about her experiences in different countries where she was expating around many countries.
    • Campari and Sofa – they are not a stranger to awards, however I give them this award anyway, as what they wrote (together with beautiful photographs) on their blog are so intriguing and quirky that made me comeback to read again and again each time they post a new blog.
    • The Expat Almanac – about the travels of an over 50 yearsold couple who decided to ditch everything and start traveling. As they are both writers, their blogs are well written; the thing that I always wanted to be.
    • Writing about travel covers almost everything: culture, food, photography, landscape and even more so if he or she is an expat. Expat Edna is an example; and that is why I enjoy reading her blog
    • Although he did say it explicitly on his blog, Field Notes From Fatherhood, is an example of an expat living abroad and has to deals with many odds and sods things away from home. Matt explained it very well.
    • Africa far and wide –  I can’t explain much of her blog, except that she is so good, her photographs, her experience, her story and everything are very touching. I would always value and wish to experience what she wrote on her blog.
    • The Expat Almanac –  I enjoy reading this blog just because of how they wrote it. Other things that made into my nomination is because of the subject, and who they are as bloggers.
    • I love the vibes because of the design of his blog, his creativity to make simple things look interesting and dynamic of the total package of his blog. Unfortunately this kind of nomination is no stranger for him as he had so many awards because of the versatility of the vibes.
    • As I love design, interior design and hand crafted design, as well as graphic design, travel and photography, pattern of life represent all those things in a subtle way.
    • At first I follow the Palladian Traveler because of his beautiful food photography, as he uploaded wonderful pictures of cooking his food -yes he wrote about wonderful Italian recipes: pastas, pizza and other things. What makes him more special is because he also wrote about his travels and pointers on photography.
    • I followed Tamy Clayton because she blogged about Morocco, as I was about to go to Morocco and write about it, myself and that was more than a year ago.  But now, her blog was not only about Morocco but so much more versatile than that, more over, the design of her blog also had a make over that made it so much more interesting than before.
    • I love blogs about travel as it covers a lot of subjects: ideas to travel, different culinary experiences, photography, people, culture, history or even self reflection. The Urge to Wander is an example, and I think that is why she has got so many awards.

    Oops, there you go, more than 15 blogs… and I can still nominate some more as there are so many other interesting and versatile blogs out there, but I bet I have bored you all with this on and on list.

Juli - the dog

Last but not least; the thing that I don’t understand about this nomination, why should I write on 7 things about myself… why do you want to know anyway? Anyway, this is the thing:

  • I wish I am a professional tennis player and a photographer, but I am neither of those.
  • I am thinking to be a full time traveler instead of just being a seasoned traveler only so that I can have more time and get inspired to do blogging, and become an online graphic designer.
  • I am interested in anything about design, be it an urban design, design architect, interior design, or even food presentation
  • I can not cook, though married life forced me to learned how to cook (and I am not sure I like it or not). However, as much as my husband ‘enjoys’ my cooking, he doesn’t like the smell of food all over the apartment.  So he prefers us to eat out (… or that’s his way of saying “I don’t like your cooking?”) Lucky me eh… 🙂
  • I love dogs, but my current lifestyle does not allow me to have one, thus I have to be content to visit my ‘use to be’ dogs when I visited my sister once a year.

I think that’s sums me up, didn’t even reach 7, as I don’t think I can explain myself that well.


    • Nin

      Thank you Rusha. And yes, that’s only one of my dogs that I could only see them once a year…


  1. Congratulations! Well deserved. And thank you for the excellent review of my blog. It might be greedy to accept the Versatile Blogger Award twice, so I’ll just say thanks again for the recognition 😀


  2. Congratulations on the award – which is well deserved. And THANK YOU so much for nominating us. Your words of appreciation mean a lot to us.


  3. Thank you for the kind words and for passing on the award to me. Much appreciated 🙂
    I apologise for the belated response.


  4. Congratulations on your award Nin! It’s so well deserved. And thanks for introducing me to all these other wonderful blogs. All the best, Terri


  5. Congrats on your award and thanks for recommending so many terrific bloggers. I’m now following several of them!


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