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Pride of Lions in Pictures

The one that I love during my safari in Africa was watching a lion pride’s, their interaction with each other and maybe a fight between them if we are lucky…  as I capture above – click the (i) on the top left hand corner of the picture for more information.

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  1. Wow! Can’t believe how fortunate you were to see these lions and capture them on “film.” These are great pictures!


    • Nin

      Yes, I was lucky to be able to see them, and even afterward, I can not stop enjoying the pictures


  2. hani

    These photos speak for themselves , very interesting how nature takes its own course…….thanks for sharing


  3. What fantastic photographs. Africa is a must for my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.


    • Yes, that was a memorable trip, and the fact that we park on the right location, and the lions walk and play toward us…


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