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Reflection of the Taj

I haven’t post any stories about my latest visit to India yet, but this is what I think one of my best photographs from India as the start of my India posts. The Reflection of the Taj Mahal

Reflection of Taj Mahal at sun down

Reflection of Taj Mahal at sun down


  1. Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful monuments ever. But because of its fame and grandeur its a hard one to capture and do justice to. You have captured it perfectly, down to its picture perfect reflection. Good thing they did not have the fountains running. Did you have to request them to stop?


    • Yes, the majestic of Taj could make you emotional; and actually I was waiting for the fountain to run, but obviously it’s only run for special occasion, and I was not the special one. So that was what it normally looks like, including with the eagle hovering the top of the dome.
      Thanks Ubecute,


    • Thanks guys, I was lucky at that time, considering the very hazy day that day, no sunset at all.


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