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The Yemen

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Yes, I visited Yemen recently, even though the hospitality industry in Yemen is at it’s lowest at the moment due to the bad propaganda associated with the country, as well as travel bans and other political issues. However, we really had a good time in Yemen.

They don’t have good hotels to offer, the only 4/5 star hotel they had was the Sheraton Sanaa. But due to low occupancy, it has now turned in to something else other than a hotel.

But regardless of that, Yemenis are very friendly people. They like to be photographed – see my post about it here (Sura-sura…!); their landscape is like no other I have seen in the Middle East. Sanaa, it’s capital, is one of the oldest cities ever inhabited.

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  1. I love photo #4 of the top 15. Those women leading the child through the arch makes me wonder where they are going, what they will do next. Thanks for posting.


    • The were at the gate to enter the old town call Thula, it was one of the few old township that funded by UNESCO for refurbishment, however, due to the countries instability, we don’t know what happen to it.


  2. really fascinating photos. I had heard it’s very beautiful there and of course historical – lucky you to experience it!


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