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On the Move

From Westminster Bridge, looking toward the famous Westminster Tower

I am not good in teaching photography, I don’t think I am a photographer at all, it’s only that I am an enthusiast in photography and the obsession of taking photograph as good as shown in postcards. Thus when Weekly Photo Challenge is On The Move, I began to think hard which of my photo collection that are represent this “on the move”

My view is it has to represent movement…. which shows above, the classic view of Palace of Westiminster in London from Westminster Bridge.

So what’s moving? It’s the London double-Decker public bus, on the move, the movement was so fast that the camera only able to capture the lights of the bus, instead of blocking Big Ben. The result I think not bad, I capture the movement of the double-Decker bus, the lights of bridge as well as Big Ben….


  1. Wow Nin, this is fabulous. The golden hour, the double decker bus plus the lights. It might be a lucky shot but you knew the technique. Two thumbs up!


    • Yes, what make it more special is because of the object is also iconic; may be that is why this picture is classic, I am just copying what others do


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