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I lived in Bahrain in 2008 to 2009, and that was when I started to blog with photographs, but as it was the beginning of my photography obsession, I did not do it properly. That means I took picture just to help me remember where I’ve been, as they say a camera preserves memories.   But then I can’t remember where I kept all those photos, besides changing my computer and moving homes, packing and unpacking, down-sizing and all those things made me loose my files as well, and I lost most of my Bahrain photos.

This little collection of Bahrain photographs will help me remember my stay in Bahrain and as a proof of how my photography quality has evolved.

This will also help me in recalling all my posts about Bahrain:

Map of Bahrain:


  1. foury

    minta informasi jika bekunjung ke bahrain visa nya ngurus dimana yach


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