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Super Moon

Super moon is when the moon is closest to the earth and at full moon. It doesn’t happen very often, but on 10th August 2014 we had one. Normally I don’t really like playing with my camera at home, especially in the evening, but as this time is special, why not give it a try.

I intended to post this immediately after shooting the pictures, but I was too lazy to work on my computer even though I shot this picture from home.

I used my 70-200mm lens and my DX camera to shoot this, so I will get closer to the target, the idea was to get as much detail as possible, I even used the 1.7 extension tube, to get even closer.  Unfortunately, with such a heavy lens I don’t think my tripod is quite good enough to hold still such load. Thus I had to take several shots to be able to get a clear picture of the moon.

The picture above is my last attempt out of 6, and it turned out to be the clearest. As the sky was already very dark, I thought I should shoot it with a very slow shutter speed, but turned out that the object (the moon) is very bright against a dark sky.   So in order to get the texture of the moon, I managed to shoot it with a rather slower shutter speed, but not very slow.

Unfortunately, because I was shooting from my apartment’s balcony which is located in a housing area where most buildings are low rise, I didn’t manage to get a fancy foreground with the moon, just simple and straight forward, the moon only.

Here’s the best looking part of the city where I currently live in, Doha.  However, that’s it, that’s “the only” part of the city that looks beautiful and that’s where one will take a picture of it from. It would be ideal if I can picture the moon as the back ground of the city…. no such luck.


City Center Doha taken on the 8 November 2013

But hey, there’s this technique called ‘digital blending’… and there you are:

Same location, now with the super moon,

Same location, now with the super moon 🙂


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