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While the WordPress team are busy encouraging us to write/post more with either words or photos, I am having the ‘glitch’ of the year. I didn’t manage to post anything for the past month, I am having a pause from the blogging season.  I’ll be lying if I said I had nothing to write about; as a matter of fact I haven’t finished organizing my blog the way I want people to read it and I still have dozens of images to post as well. I know my excuses are very lame as I said I went for a holiday; a family holiday that involved me with routine domestic activities that although it’s exciting but so different and irrelevant to the travel theme of this blog. To go back to the blogging routine after almost 2 weeks holiday is another story….

My other excuse and this is the real one is that I lost most of the important photos from my visit to Iran last May. Which is why I haven’t fulfilled my promise to post my story about the magnificent mosques in Iran, as there was no supporting pictures for that post.

♦ ♦ ♦

It was a month ago that I lost my photography files and yes, I managed to recover most of my pictures, Yet that incident taught me to do something that I should have done a long time ago, to back up my files! Writing blogs maybe nothing to do with picture collections, but in my case that is everything, this is how I write my stories, based of the pictures I took. On the other hand to me those pictures are priceless, as they come from places that I might not be able to visit again. Photographs about Lion Pride, I took on my safari holiday in Kenya, I may not be able to capture those two lions fighting again.  Or photographs I took in Syria, which is all history now; one would never see these countries the same way again.

With those things in mind, I need to look for a solution for my files: to store them properly and to back them up. I know most of you are not big photography based bloggers, but I also know that many of you are either an amateur photographer or even a photography enthusiast, who have thousands of photography files, either personal photos or photos to support your blog and good enough to show them off in your photoblog.  Nowadays with a DSLR camera you can fill up your computer storage very quickly and before long you’ll need an external storage. This is my situation:

  • I have spent 1 x 350GB + 2 x 500GB + 2 x 1TB and 1 x 2TB of external drive just to store my photos and a little bit of everything (less than 200GB) file, and still counting.
  • We will leave Qatar and be homeless in 6 month time (traveling for 2 years with no particular home base), thus I’ll be relying on my digital files big time, and yet I don’t want to carry those things with me.
  • I need back up for all my files that are accessible from where ever I will be.

After several days of browsing on the net and a discussion with my colleague in the office, and another discussion with another person, there are some solutions:

The consep of MyCloud - as ilustrated by

The consep of MyCloud – as ilustrated by

  • Use Cloud Storage so that I can access it from anywhere and from any computer. There are several ‘providers’ that give this type of service, the very popular dropbox or google-drive, or skydrive and many other (you can see more alternative of this kind of services here). The problem is I am not a normal person who has a normal size storage; my storage would be “rather” big. Besides, thats not including back up.
  • There’s this thing called Backblaze or Crashplan etc, which services are to back up your files (there are more alternatives of this service as well). But I still need a storage on top of that…. besides, the fact that I don’t like to have my files out there, without me being able to control them….
  • Another option which I think is a brilliant solution is using storage system called NAS system. I don’t think this is a new system, but this is new knowledge for some low tech person like me. First instance, this is brilliant! it’s like I have my own server as my own storage, I control it (not in the cloud), it can store my stuff from my computer as well as my husband’s computer and I can expand it as much as I want without re-arranging/sync the file every time I expand or change computer… So if I think ahead, this system could still be good once we settle down (that is in 2 years time). Bonus of this new NAS system is that I can access it from anywhere in the world; it’s like cloud storage, but this is my own personal cloud!
the ideal system as illustrated by QNAP

the ideal system as illustrated by QNAP

OK, after more than 2 weeks of thinking, discussions and researching of which type and brand of NAS External Driver to buy, I decided to buy the brand that has “myCloud” system…. honestly, I never decided to buy a new ‘toy’ this quick. Normally my process of buying sophisticated gadgets took months. But because in 6 months time I’ll be on the road and have no income, I guess this is part of my digital packing system, all digital stuff I will pack it in the cloud, and be ready to go.

I am still struggling with my little external drive and my files are still scattered all over different USB drives

But there’s this technical question, which I am struggling with ever since I’ve got that device 3 weeks ago, and haven’t got the wiz to make it up and running.  I am still struggling with my little external drives and my files are still scattered all over different USB drives… I am still in PAUSE MODE from blogging. Anybody can help so that I can focus back to my blogging instead of technology crap???


  1. Photos are like treasures for me. I still remember when I almost lost my photos after visiting rural areas in Uganda. It drives me crazy, seriously. I asked everybody i knew to do anything for getting back the files i lost. Last time, my externa hard disc also had problem. Fortunately, I still could save some important photos. Now, i’m thinking to have double external hard disc, only for my photos.

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    • External drive supposed to be the working drive, that go with you wherever you go, but the back up should stay at home or somewhere save. And yes, we need back up for all the precious pictures….


  2. Too bad I can’t help you much on this, hubby and I have been pretty much in a similar situation..:-( less complicated than yours though.. Last week I was shocked to see the fact that we got some 36 thousands photos and counting..! The thing is.., not only photos and work things.., hubby just love storing digital copy of movies and songs which consume big space..
    So, good luck.. Enjoy the trip and looking forward to reading your fantastic journey again..

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    • That’s the problem when I also want to add my dvd collection to the file, the whole thing will be bigger than ever, that’s why m really need solve this problem quickly before I create more ‘problem’… 🙂


  3. So sorry to hear about losing some images! I feel you, I would be crashed if that happened to me. I am paranoid about such thing, so for now, the images that I love usually have back ups everywhere including online in its original size. I am using zenfolio to store my images online, you can lock them and ensure the images are not searchable plus you can download its original file as well..I hope this information helps.
    Good luck mbak, I hope you will solve the problem soon and back to posting again.


    • I had an account on SmugMug instead of Zenfolio. I don’t know if that the same and I can’t remember if I can download the original RAW files….


      • I think it is similar, a website that allows their customers to seel their products. For sure, Zenfolio allows upload and download RAW files but it depens on certain type of account (account paid annually).


  4. Yes, technology can drive those us who don’t live and breathe technology crazy. Like who has the time for it. Every time I buy something new, it seems to take a day to work out the glitches. But backing up is important, as all of us have learned at sometime or the other. External drives are pretty much plug and play now days, cheap and have huge capacities, however. I back up once a week and should probably do so more often. I also use more than one back up system, just in case.

    It’s exciting to hear about your plans, Nin. Peggy and I did that twice, first for one year and then for three years. The freedom of the open road… –Curt


    • Hi Curt,
      I realized that I have to back up my file long time ago, but I never bother to do so until I lost it, and I knew that I have to do something NOW, especially as we only have 6 month to pack everything and hit the road….


  5. Nin, very sorry to hear that. I think everyone has the same problem as you. Putting files on the external drive does not guarantee it’s safe, sometimes can be damaged as well. Back up here and there makes me crazy when searching for a file or an image that I need, and forget where I put them. Wishing you have a safe and pleasant long journey.

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  6. Yeyy nulis lagi…
    iya mbak aku juga baru kmarin hari minggu itu hard disk 3 TB crashed. Ngga bisa diapa2in..frustasiii…
    punya sih cloud storage kayak google drive, dropbox sama iCloud..dan semuanya..udah penuh!.
    eh NAS itu kayaknya blm ada ya di Indo? Aku blm pernah tau sih..coba cekiceki deh..
    ayo ngeblog lg yg rajin..fotonya nyusul ajah..


    • NAS system ini di miliki oleh beberapa merek dagang, seperti Drobo, Synology dan Qnap, tapi merek kelas menengah yang populer juga di Indonsia adalah WD (western digital) yang mustinya cukup populer di kalangan fotographer atau mereka yang punya file besar.
      Di jakarta yang hampir semua ada dan semua bisa, pasti juga ada, cuma mungkin mereknya yang buatan Taiwan atau seperti itu. Harus tanya langsung sama toko komputer atau orang IT yang biasa ngerjain perusahaan kecil, mustinya pake kayak ginian…


      • Vari Sapi Lucu

        oh my…gitu yah, emang sih kayaknya belum terlalu populer dikalangan pemirsa gagal IT kayak gw gini, hehehe…iya kalo WD akuh tau, pernah punya ext HD merk itu, pake password kan eh lupa dong passwdnya apa, sampe skrg ngga bisa dibuka juga…jiaahh


      • yah itu dia, password emang ngeselin…. dimana-mana minta password yang aneh-aneh, dan akhirnya kita lupa sendiri….


  7. It sounds like it is an overwhelming situation. This is just another aspect of the solution and that is to purge a lot of the photos. I working on this but the reality is that when we go on trips a lot of the photos will never be used in the blog. Not sure that really helps right now but I am trying to dedicate 15 minutes a day to this task.

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    • I agree, by the end of the day, a lot of pictures were not being used, however, I still like to look at it again as my own stock images that could be use on another occasion, or maybe this is my problem, as I spend more time looking at my pictures compare to blogging… 😦

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