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Aladdin Oil Lamp

I think I should post something anyway, even though the topic is so behind than the current topic of Photo 101 assignments.

My problems with photography files has not yet been resolved; I am so preoccupied with my digital filing system and I still have no back up system; I am so behind with my photography 101 assignment. but hey… I don’t think that should stop me from posting. I think I should post something anyway, even though the topic is so behind than the current topic.

I know that at the back of my mind I am thinking of those missing files and the metadata of the photographs which I think will take a lifetime to work on as I have more than 10k pictures. Honestly, I am scared to take any more pictures as I could loose them again….

This post is responding to photography 101 assignments with the title warmth and playing with light. I understand that my understanding of photography is still limited (which is why I missed the focus). but nevertheless, here’s what I try when I found this Aladdin oil lamp in one of the so many antique shop in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. What do you think?

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  1. What a lovely Aladdin oil lamp. It looks like it’s glowing gold, and I love all the warm hues – the other lamps – around it too. It’s a great shot and I thought that the focus was decent, well done 🙂

    Good luck with sorting out and backing up your photos. I take a lot of photos and I have hardly any time to look through all of them, let alone sort them into folders and back them up! But it doesn’t stop me from taking photos, oh no it doesn’t 😀


    • Thanks Mabel, yes, I may lost some of my pictures, but certainly it won’t stop me taking more pictures… 🙂


  2. Still, It’s beautiful shots, Mbak Nina..

    With more practice, you’ll make it perfect.

    regards from Bukavu..



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