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England as Part of UK

Knearsborough at golden hour

Knearsborough at golden hour


Having married a Brit, but living in the Middle East for 10 years (which seems like forever…), many people ask me if I have been to UK. To many who are ignorant and maybe have never been abroad or less exposed to the ‘outside’ world, or don’t understand geography, whenever they ask my husband where he is from or what was his origin, normally he would answer: “I am British!” and surprisingly the reply from that person would be “….Aah, you are from London….”

Yes, he’s British, and from England, where London is, and England is not only about London, England is so much bigger than London. For an occasional tourist and first timer to UK, tour agency normally will suggest to go to only London; I agree with that as to explore London only, one can not stay in London for only a day you will only see bits of it. But if you are visiting UK or England for the second time, its worth seeing other cities as well as the country side, as England is famous for its “Pretty English Villages”.

But then some people also confuse what is the difference between England and UK or even more confusing Great Britain. See the map below to explain it. The slide show above are pictures of places I have visited in England several times between 2009 to 2013.



Ketika saya mengatakan bahwa saya mungkin akan pindah ke UK (baca: yu key) sepupu saya itu langsung berbinar-binar dan mengasumsikan bahwa saya akan menetap di London. Padahal saya tidak pernah mengatakan bahwa saya tidak akan pindah ke London; memang saya mungkin akan pindah ke Inggris, tapi bukan ke London. Kenyataannya London hanyalah sebagian kecil dari Inggris. Slideshow di atas menggambarkan sebagian ‘kecil’ dari masih banyak lagi tempat-tempat di Inggris yang cantik dan layak di kunjungi di luar London.

Foto-foto dibawah adalah diambil di tempat-tempat yang saya kunjungi sejak tahun 2009 sampai dengan 2013

Sekedar tambahan informasi dan perlu di perjelas yang dimaksud oleh saya disini adalah England (saya kurang tau terjemahan bahasa Indonesia yang tepat apa), dan tidak termasuk Skotlandia. Memang keduanya negara yang termasuk bagian dari United Kingdom, sayang nya yang ini saya juga kurang tau terjemahan tepatnya dalam bahasa Indonesia (termasuk dalam United Kingdom adalah: England, Scotland, Wales dan Irlandia Utara). Lalu apa itu Great Britain? atau terjemahannya mungkin Britania Raya (atau Inggris Raya)? – ini adalah pulau terbesar yang terletak di Lautan Atlantik Utara dan terbesar dari kepulauan Britania (British Isles)


Explanation of the difference between UK and Great Britain:

 More information of the difference between the UK & Great Britain, click here.


  1. Love the slideshow – beautifully displays the wonderful diversity of the region. The London Eye/bagpipes one is one of my favorites! 🙂 My husband is from London so I know what you mean about all of the confusion, and as a former Geography teacher, I really appreciate your little maps! 🙂

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    • True, it’s a common confusion about the difference between UK and Great Britain, even my husband also didn’t know the answer when I asked the question, I need to ask uncle Google… 🙂


  2. I really like London but traveling outside to the English countryside and traveling farther afield into Scotland and Ireland is not to be missed. Thanks for the geography lesson and the beautiful photos. –Curt


    • That’s right UK is beautiful even it’s beyond London, that is why I post the pictures as all of them except 2 are outside London.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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  3. Berarti selama ini pemahaman saya tentang England dan UK udah bener, cuma tentang Great Britain dan British Isles baru ngerti sekarang. Makasih udah berbagi info😃👍


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