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A New Face


I’ve been wanting to change the theme of my blog for sometime now, which really distracts me from blogging itself.  Nothing wrong with the current theme, as a matter of fact I’ve been using this Photography theme for over 2 years now, and I am very happy so far.  It gave me the opportunity to publish hundreds of good and not so good photographs I took whenever I traveled.  What made this theme different from the others is

Blog_Nins_Travelog_-_2015-03-18_11.26.36because it has a gallery format that enables slideshows specially designed for you guys (as my readers) the opportunity to browse around my photographs.  It also has this ‘Blazing Fast’ loading period for people to see the pictures quickly, and this is true. Compared with other themes showcasing lots of pictures which takes some time for loading. Photography theme loads my pictures very fast, especially with a good internet connection.

Gallery page that show case my slideshow posts

Gallery page that show case my slideshow posts

However, with today’s blog designs which tend to show off big and full frame layouts, I felt Photography theme is not showing big enough sizes; I wante it bigger. I’ve been browsing and keep on browsing over 300 other available themes, but I can’t find other themes that match my current theme. Off course there are options, such as customizing the theme, through CSS modifications, unfortunately I have no clue how to do this, and I have no one to whom I should ask for help. To learn how to do it my self… its all Greek to me! And I guess I am too old for this anyway.

The best image slide show ever (according to me off course)

Because my nature is to change my mind all the time (maybe its the architect in me….) as my colleagues in the office used to say, “… blame it on the architect!” whenever there’s a change of design to a building under-construction, or my husband used to say “Women!…” whenever I change my mind on simple daily things; I need to change my theme for now. I could not promise my self that I will stick with the one I am changing to for a long time. My excuse is people progress, things change, so I am allowed to change my mind again later,  but for now I am happy with the design…. and I can focus on blogging again.

What Change?

Here’s the thing that changes a lot: my photo galleries. You will see a different experience in looking at my gallery, as I will not use the slide show template on this new Moka Theme, as this theme will not show case the beautiful slide show that I love so much which is the reason I used Photography Theme.  Instead, you will see it as mosaic tiles gallery.  I agree, the best way to see a gallery is through a slide show, but the standard WordPress slide show is not as good as the Photography Theme slideshow.  And for this I have to make a compromise. However, because I value your comments, I will not delete the Gallery section as it’s just a matter of adjusting to the new look.

Until a few days ago, I found out that WordPress is publishing a bunch of  new themes and one of them suits me just right (for the moment at least). It provides me with a really big and full frame images ability that I can show case my pictures, except displayed  posts on the home page. However, like every design is different, this new theme design is off course different from the older theme design; which made me adjust my blog layout as well as content a bit differently and you will also have a different experience of exploring it (even though I am not sure how many of you do explore one blog at a time…).

WordPress suggested to look around first before deciding using a theme, and I guess I looked around too much that made me change my mind again… instead of using the newest theme that I initially chose, I picked another one: Camera theme.

Tell me if you like this new theme, and your experience of looking at the photo gallery.

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I used to live as an expat and travel around the Middle East. After 10 years working in the Arabian Gulf I am now retired and living in the UK but still retain my interests of further travels and exploring new horizons.


  1. Sorry I can’t help right now – internet in NZ is so expensive it’s beyond funny, and probably too slow to open the gallery anyway 😦
    I alos want to change my theme. Was it easy to just switch over?


    • Hi Alison, yes, it’s easy to switch over as long as you don’t want fancy features on it. However, as each theme has it’s unique features that may not suit your current theme, thus, you need to do a bit of adjustment, but other than that, it should be easy.

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  2. Gara

    Choosing the right theme is somewhat difficult… but it’s fun since we could get a chance to explore what WordPress has to offer :)).

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  3. I feel your pain, Nin. I too am struggling with switching my theme. But I am off to a WordPress Conference this coming week where I can sit down with the experts. Here’s hoping. And good luck. 🙂 –Curt

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    • itu sebabnya gw bilang di atas gw bukan techy, gw ga ngerti apa itu CSS, dah ga sabar tuk belajarnya…. bolak balik lupa… 😦


      • Hahaha iya lupa, sama mbak, saya juga ga ngerti makanya saya pake yang udah ada aja


  4. It is true that choosing a theme will take so much time! I had that issue when starting my blog. I remember I look into several themes several time before deciding on one theme. I really like your photos slide show on previous theme as well, the slide show is very unique and make your beautiful images are even more outstanding!


    • This one still have a slide show, but not having the inset slider underneath. This new design has a slideshow as well, just check it out on my gallery post such as Egypt Early 2015. The thing is I want the picture to be bigger on my old design and I cannot tweak it. So which one is better do you think?

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      • Wow, the new slideshow comes together with the new theme? I really like the old version of the slideshow from the Egypt Early 2015 post already.
        The new one is even cooler since it is sort of interactive slideshow! Any special software to create the slideshow?

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      • Nothing special, it comes with the theme, just like the previous one. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it, as this was what I am looking for, an opinion


  5. Nin I am not much help as the thought of changing a theme seems quite overwhelming. Good luck n the decision making.


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