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5 Day Photo Challenge: Petra from Above

I accepted a photo challenge from Indah Susanti, which is a combination of two challenges: Black and White 5 Days Photo  Challenge and Five Photos – Five stories Challenge. This is Day 4 of the Photo Challenge, the last 3 days I had posted only 1 Black and White photo per day, together with its original colour photograph followed by the story of the picture as part of the Five Story Challenge.

By the end of each post I will invite bloggers to participate in the challenge. Bloggers can decide whether to do both challenges or just one  challenge or not do any of the challenges at all. The rules for the 5 Day Challenge are:

  1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W only for Black and White Challenge OR in color for Five photos – Five stories Challenge.

  2. Each day invite another blogger friend to join in the fun.

Petra from Above

Today’s story is about my visit to Petra, the ancient Pink City, which I visited in 2011. Unlike the normal way of seeing Petra where one experiences the long and winding walk to the natural rocky cleft (the Siq), this time I was hiking up above through the rocky sand stone mountain, to get a dramatic view of the Khasneh. It took two Bedouin guides to show us the best way, choose the right and easier path and gradually managed to get above the Khasneh to take this picture.

Hiking up the hills around Petra did not take the whole day for us to get up there but only a couple of hours. However I don’t recommend to do this by yourself, you need a Bedouin guide to lead you, otherwise you might get lost between the rocky lime stone mountains off the main route, isolated and nobody will ever find you.

Seen originally

Seen originally

The Challenge Invitation

I invite Alison and Don, a couple of travelers who blog at Adventures in the Wonderland. Unlike normal world traveler/nomads, who are young and single and traveling in their gap year before they look for a normal job or an online job where they finance their travel. Alison and Don have only done this after they are retired. An option to travel when I enjoy reading their blog as in my view they are very brave to be nomads in their sixties and enjoy the world with no obligation to earn money on the road like the young traveler. Lately in their blog they added more and more beautiful pictures of the places they have visited.


    • Yes, different angle, and looking at the scale of the people who walk around in front of it, you can see that Khasneh’s facade is very big….

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  1. Gara

    Its quite dangerous doing the hiking alone without the guide ya Mbak *gulp*.
    But for taking this awesome photo, the struggle to reach this place is worth the price :)).

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    • I did this with a group and of course with a guide who also had an local assistant – a Bedouin guide. But then not everybody dare to take a picture as a many of us were afraid to look down.

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  2. That’s an amazing photo – I must remember to get up to the top when we finally get to Petra.
    Unfortunately I must refuse your kind invitation. Thanks so much Nina for recommending us, but I feel I don’t have the time for such a project, not to mention the difficulty of erratic slow internet.

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    • I understand to work on a project when you are in the middle of your travel. I have the same problem myself, I could not blog while traveling. So projects like this, normally I put up months later. Anyway, like I said at the beginning of this blog, there’s no obligation to do the challenge….

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    • No I did not take the Indiana Jones’ route. He came through the Siq route, which was the classic route, and he left with a different Khasneh as the back ground. So the movie misled you from where about Khasneh in Petra.
      The Picture taken when we were hiking up the top of the rocky surface, instead “canal” route like most people are. It was difficult terrain and we need 2 Bedouin guides and a normal guide to lead our way to the other side of Petra, needs a good physical condition, but it was fun….

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    • Ha ha ha Curt, I guess this is where we need photography training, as my thought of the picture is exactly the opposite of you, as the contrast did not work so well in B+W. But hey, they said. “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so different people, different opinion….


  3. dwibyo

    Mb Nina, foto2nya keren banget , hobby fotograpi dan travellingnya tersalur abis ya sekarang.

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