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Looking back to 2015

Time flies very quickly and without realizing it we are now well into 2016.   My husband and I  had a lot of plans of what we would do after we retired from Qatar (I wrote about it here), and then we were sidetracked from our original plan as there was a hick-up with my UK Settlement Visa which ended up having to change a few things:

  • Change the dead line of leaving Qatar, instead of retiring in April, we could only leave Qatar in August – I will tell more about this in my next post.
  • We had to enter UK not later than end of October 2015, due to new UK border regulations. I asked several people who had the same situation as me on how long we could stay out of the UK after the settlement visa was issued; but nobody could really answer this question nor the visa agency until I’ve got the opportunity to talk with the visa reviewer. The news made us  re-schedule our globe trotting plan for a year and shorten our 2015 traveling to 75 days only.
  • The fourth option  to travel around UK and live in rented holiday type accommodation for a year has also been  scrapped.

We are now based in Bristol,  UK and aim to settle down for a few months (or maybe a few years) in our own harborside apartment which suddenly came available a few days before we arrived in  the UK. Thus the plan of “traveling around” the UK has been  scrapped and now maybe the term is not traveling around anymore but more of exploring the surrounding area.

Bit by bit I will revisit and write the missing stories of my travel during those 75 days in Australia, Indonesia & Sri Lanka, but as I am now living in the UK, my blog will be more about my exploration and finding my around the UK. I might write it more in Indonesian instead of English though.


Normally I review all my previous years blogs by the end of the year or at the latest, the first week of the new year.   However, this time I didn’t manage to do so,  but better late than nothing I guess.

So these are my blogging activities during 2015:







What about sepia colour?

What about sepia colour?








  1. Great recap! I hope you will feel home soon in your new host country. I am not sure how is it in Bristol, but I have heard usually the cities in UK have plenty of good Asian restaurants (and better than in the Netherlands).

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    • I bet your life in the US is so much different now, that not many Indonesian let alone Indonesian food.
      Bristol is multicultural, but Indonesia has not well known yet, however Asian food can be found all over the place in the UK, including Bristol, so I don’t think I miss Asian food yet.


  2. Hope you find you enjoy living in England Nina. It’s a big change from Indonesia, but then so is Quatar, so I imagine you’ll adapt. Hope you get to do more traveling next year.
    Your Nile cruise inspired me. We finally went last October, on a tour that included a 3 day cruise. It was absolutely amazing!

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    • Amid the chaos of the politic in the country, the Nile cruise still wonderful it seem like it was not involved with the current civilization.
      And yes I will adapt in the new place wherever it is… thank you for reading.

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  3. Sounds like life is complicated but you are making the best of it, Nina. Really like your photos. I immediately remembered April and how much I had enjoyed it. –Curt

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  4. Bristol is a happy place to end up! I liked it very much when I visited for the balloon festival last August. 🙂


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