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City Living

In my last post I wrote about my confusion on whether my husband and I should live in the city or in the countryside.   It is now almost a year that we have been back in the UK and living in the city.  As much as I would like to live in the country, I have come to terms now that I am more of a city girl compared to a country girl.  I believe that I could live in the countryside, as I love nature and the animals that I might have when living in the country.

However living in the city should not be or actually is not bad at all.

I may not be close to country life,  farms or farm animals the same way as when we were house sitting in Ross, but where I live is equally wonderful, as I live on the waterfront of Bristol Floating Harbour, where I can just walk out of my apartment, and there I am looking at boats as well as its wild life, and within 5 minutes walk I am in the middle of all city activities, where in Summer weekends there is always something happening; from a weekly local market to special events like Bristol Harbour Festival or Bristol Pride or Bristol Food Festival and other festivals that I could never imagine before.

Millennium Square, where almost all big events in Bristol were held here

Millennium Square, where most big events in Bristol are held

Culture is also on our door step where I can go to the theater, either to watch a musical or a proper play where celebrities as big as Oscar winning actor Jeremy Irons performed at the Bristol Old Vic Theater.

And these are what I love most…. just on my door step… the local wildlife.

I may not having my own dog to play with or farm animals to look after... but these mute swan and their sort are cute enough to watch....

I may not having my own dog to play with or farm animals to look after… but these mute swans and their sort are cute enough to watch….

The beauty of all those things are it all happening in our ‘front door’; we don’t have to drive and park to be part of those activities; we just have to walk out of our flat door to see all of them….

The truth is I am overwhelmed with all the ‘city culture’  which is there one after another; besides if I write them all one by one my blog will become a news report instead of personal blog… or should I write this blog as a news report from Bristol?

Early morning Autumn sun...

Early morning Autumn sun on the Floating Harbour…

This post is my respond to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Local








  1. Aku juga gak keberatan tinggal di kota, Mbak.., kalo kotanya asik kayak gitu..😀 Inget Jeremy Irons jadi inget film Lolita.. Seneng baca post-nya dirimu lagi😀

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    • Thanks Em, Lagi berusaha mulai blogging lagi nih, tapi belum mulai “blog -visits”nih…


  2. It’s looks similar to Auckland my hometown but I am somewhere very far from it for family reason. It’s beautiful as well and full of life either by day or night. There’s always an event like your place 🙂 Nice to see your place.


  3. Ola

    Hi Nina
    Amaizing pictures, you are really talented.
    It was really nice to meet such a nice couple today at the harbourside. Although I was feeling overwhelmed, talking to you guys gave me a positive energy for the rest of my day. Regards

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  4. I would say I am a big fans of city because I was born in a cosmopolitan, but I think both countryside and city have their own charm, no need to compare :]


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