My Bucket List

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Now that I am married, there is this question that tickles me all the time. What do I want next? I knew one thing: We are still living on the “road”; as an expat, we still live like a nomad. Yes our current residence is still in Doha, but that is not where we are going to end up. The question remain, whether we are going to end up in Indonesia, that’s the place where I still call home, even though if I go back to Indonesia, we might need to stay in a hotel.

While we still confuse where we wants to harbor and spend our old days together, we will carry on traveling. Even though my other half had been visited more places than me, and I will still needs to catch him up in terms of countries visited. That doesn’t means that he is not willing to revisit all the “exotic” places once again.

Well here is my bucket list of traveling in no particular order:

  1. Watching the drama of Wimbledon Tennis tournament in Wimbledon, London.
  2. Riding camel across Jordanian Dessert. in March 2011
  3. Traveling with Trans Siberian train from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok.
  4. Riding motorbike from Hanoi to Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam.
  5. Safari trip in Tanzania and Kenyain August 2013
  6. Taking the Hijaz Route train from Amman to Istanbul.
  7. Overland trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu.
  8. Sail and dive in around Raja Ampat
  9. Witnessing the Northern Light in Sweden or Norway.
  10. Experiencing the Holi Festival in Indiadone that on the 17 March 2014
  11. Bungee Jumping in Bali done in December 2009
  12. ….?

I know that I can not fulfill all of them, but it’s nice to have something to dream about. However, I also don’t think that those things impossible, as I’ve managed a few of it, I think it’s a matter of planning, and planning it well so that physically and financially we could make it happen.



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  2. 3 and no 9 also my next target..hopefully.
    for no 6, better you did vice versa (via Syria) for politic and security reasons as I ever read on other’s traveler.


    • Nin

      Fen, the route for No. 6 was from Amman-Damascus-Istambul, but with the current situation, I am not sure…


      • of course not for this time (nekat??). I mean in normal condition, much better to entering and out Syria using route Istanbul-Damascus-Amman. but forgot the reason.Lucky Nin, you’ve been there (damascus) before.


      • Nin

        Yes, I was very lucky to visit Syria when it things are much better.


  3. You might want to rethink that motorcycle trip in Vietnam. Just crossing the street on foot there took a couple years off my life. 🙂 Vietnam has a huge number of traffic accidents involving everything from pedestrians to bikes, motorcycles, cars and trucks, sometimes all at once… In 3 weeks we saw 6 accidents!


    • Nin

      Hi Jadi,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. and yes, currently I am rethinking this wish, but it’s not because of the number of accident happens of motorbiking around, as where I come from people are also crazy with how they use their motorbike. However, the reason I have second thought mostly because the age, as I am getting older, I think I am getting slower and less crazy… 🙂


  4. Halo Mbaak.. Eh aku lupa udah pernah meninggalkan jejak di sini belum ya. Hehe.. Kalau belum, salam kenal ya!
    Seru bucket list nya. Semoga terlaksana satu per satu. 😉


  5. thanks for dropping on my website 🙂
    You have great pictures here, seriously!
    and the bucket list.. oh, don’t we want them all??!! And doesn’t it grow longer and longer every year? :))


  6. Some of your bucket lists are mine too…! Haha – I tried the motorbike ride on HCMC though…! IT WAS CRAZY considering I was 4 months old pregnant, hahaha. But it’s fun! Anyway, have you been to Cappadocia, Turkey? If not, maybe put the “ride on a hot-air ballon” in Cappadocia won’t hurt 😀 My sister went there, it seemed like a whimsical journey..!


  7. Ups, I just re-read it, I thought riding an ojek in HCMC -___-” hahah, sorry ga liat kalo ternyata dari Hanoi to HCMC…! Good luck yaa…!


    • Thanks Chica for dropping by… those bucket list is the dream… however, I know, not all wishes could turn into reality


  8. wah jadi terinspirasi mau buat bucket list juga akhhhh………… biar semangat mengejar mimpi……….


  9. Even though I received many bucket lists, I haven’t received something like this before. Each and every point is different and unique from the other lists, except a few like Northern lights, trans Siberia etc. Good to see that you have already ticked off some items in the list. Good luck with the rest of the items 🙂

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