I started this as a photoblog in 2008 at Nin’s Lenscape simply to visually document my adventures as an Indonesian expat, to record what I’ve seen in the country I reside as well as whereever I go for my holiday. I don’t particularly look for a beautiful or a picturesque spot.  But then as I learned more about how to take better picture, not necessarily how to take a good photograph; there are complicated tricks to absorb.

Currently I am based in Manama, Bahrain, Doha, Qatar, thus my pictures will mostly show cityscape, and landscape and sometimes the people and when opportunity comes, I also would like to shoot wildlife. However, I also travel, thus this blog will also show all the things I’ve seen from my trips.


Camera wise, normally I use DSLR or at least since 2006, however I also use pocket point to shoot cameras as well as cameras from mobile phone, as this device are very versatile these days. If you asked me of what kind of DSLR, well, I’ve changed my camera a lot of times, but bassically, I am a Nikon and iPhone person, and a Adobe Lightroom user to manage and post process my pictures.

Unless noted, all pictures in this blog were taken by my cameras.ninslenscape-logo

Collection of my best picture can be seen at NinsLenscape Photography here:


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My Portfolio elsewhere:

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Recently I move the original Nin’s Lenscape photography to a special photography platform – smugmug, where you can enjoy my best collection of photographs.


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