About [this blog]

You are here because you are curious enough to see what is inside this blog.

I know it’s hard to navigate around as I have been blogging for so long and I have changed the theme, the format as well as the structure of this blog too often.

Never in that, I hope this page will help you to navigate around my blog and that I write about: by clicking the picture below or by clicking the underlined words below, it will link to the related topic/categories of this blog:

Expat ArchiveExpat Archive: is about my notes/journal so my life as Indonesian expat living in the Middle East; mostly in Qatar and in Bahrain. However, you can also find my notes on why I choose to be an expat on the tag: “the preparation” and “moving” or “repatriation” which is my notes after expat life.

Online Life is about my frustration in (online) writing as well as everything else to do with cyber technology, which include my struggling of understanding (digital) photography, which is supposed to be my latest passion.

Travel Notes: this is the core of this blog, where I wrote about my travel, hence the name of this blog is NinsTravelog. It is about my visit to different countries and what I have learned, experienced from all those countries I visited. As Indonesian, off course I wrote in Indonesian (iJournal), but there are many of the blog posts that I wrote in English (eJournal) as well. So check it out.

UK Living  is my newest category about my new life in the UK post my expatriating life and in following my husband repatriate to UK.

Aside from all those categories, what is worth to visit is my photography. I understand that there are a lot of things  I need to master before I could claim that I have the eye to be a photographer; however, as I am a photography hobbyist who try to go further than a snap happy photographer, I think it’s worth for you to check it out, either on WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge tag, or my Photo Essay tag, or simply my photo Galleries.