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The countries I visited either in small doze or extensively travel around through my camera.

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Egypt Early 2015

Temple of Edfou just before sunrise

Temple of Edfou just before sunrise

When we left the airport and drove crossed the city of Cairo towards our hotel, located in Giza and very close to the the Pyramids, there’s a bit of excitement about the city.  Normally, wherever I travel and arrive in a new city, I have that feeling – the excitement of being in a new place.  Egypt still retains its magic that lures people to keep on visiting it amid the chaotic political situation of the country.  Thus I try to be positive about Cairo, the capital and gateway to Egypt and the city which was built 1000 years ago.

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England as Part of UK

Knearsborough at golden hour

Knearsborough at golden hour


Having married a Brit, but living in the Middle East for 10 years (which seems like forever…), many people ask me if I have been to UK. To many who are ignorant and maybe have never been abroad or less exposed to the ‘outside’ world, or don’t understand geography, whenever they ask my husband where he is from or what was his origin, normally he would answer: “I am British!” and surprisingly the reply from that person would be “….Aah, you are from London….”

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Crossing Jordan

I visited Jordan in 2011, but my post on Jordan is limited, as I was so fascinated with Syrian heritage (which is now destroyed by the civil war). In a nutshell, I arrived in Jordan from Syria

by bus, the day the Arab Spring erupted in Daraa, Syria, and I entered Jordan from Daraa.   Anyway, I am alive and kicking now and still traveling around Arabia.

Regardless of that, this post is about Jordan, and my visit to the country that is famous for Petra. where Hollywood sometimes makes movies, Indiana Jones and Transporter used Petra as the background. However, Jordan is not only about Petra, it is also about other places that are equally fascinating such as Jerash as well as equally historical such as Madaba and Al Karak, or even the experience of floating in the Dead Sea or riding camels  in Wadi Rum, crossing the desert.

The pictures above are where we visited in Jordan as captured by my camera in 2011.

I will post more stories on Jordan in time, however this is the post on Jordan so far:

Historical map of Jordan:

Jordan Historical map

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Iran, the Forgotten Destination

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Ever since I came back from my Iran holiday, when ever I read or watch the news on TV, I seem to hear about Iran, which made me think as if Iran is the flavour of this month’s news. Or maybe I am biased as I am so fascinated about Iran at the moment. Well, I think I am not totally wrong because even though I don’t normally follow political news, but because of the turmoil on the border of Iran-Iraq state, Iran might work with the US on how to handle the situation, and even the UK plans to reopen it’s embassy in Iran, And there’s another (old) news of the more liberal new Iranian Leader who is willing to open a discussion with US.

Similar to when I told my friends that we planned to visit Yemen, they were also asking me why did I want to go to Iran? It’s an unstable country and what is there in Iran anyway? My reply then was the same as going to Yemen, and its all about the architecture. But once I saw Iran, except the architecture, everything I heard and I knew about Iran was shattered. Right when we arrived in the Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA), to Tehran, and to other places within the country, Iran was clean, very modern, the city was green, a lot of tree lined avenues and most of all, the people, they were very friendly very open (I am not talking about the government and the politics here).

Regardless of all the news and negative propaganda by the press about Iran, I am glad that Keith and I managed to see Iran when it hadn’t been soiled with McDonalds or KFC.


Map of Iran:


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I lived in Bahrain in 2008 to 2009, and that was when I started to blog with photographs, but as it was the beginning of my photography obsession, I did not do it properly. That means I took picture just to help me remember where I’ve been, as they say a camera preserves memories.   But then I can’t remember where I kept all those photos, besides changing my computer and moving homes, packing and unpacking, down-sizing and all those things made me loose my files as well, and I lost most of my Bahrain photos.

This little collection of Bahrain photographs will help me remember my stay in Bahrain and as a proof of how my photography quality has evolved.

This will also help me in recalling all my posts about Bahrain:

Map of Bahrain:

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The Yemen

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Yes, I visited Yemen recently, even though the hospitality industry in Yemen is at it’s lowest at the moment due to the bad propaganda associated with the country, as well as travel bans and other political issues. However, we really had a good time in Yemen.

They don’t have good hotels to offer, the only 4/5 star hotel they had was the Sheraton Sanaa. But due to low occupancy, it has now turned in to something else other than a hotel.

But regardless of that, Yemenis are very friendly people. They like to be photographed – see my post about it here (Sura-sura…!); their landscape is like no other I have seen in the Middle East. Sanaa, it’s capital, is one of the oldest cities ever inhabited.

These are the other posts on Yemen:

Map of Yemen:

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Glimpse of India

India is big and very diverse; thus it is hard to see India from one region only. Recently I just came back from India, and as usual, I brought back a lot of photographs, however, I don’t believe that a weeks visit will capture the whole country, as I only went there for Holi Festival, which I didn’t really manage to capture the festival.   The other “classic” tour of India, The Golden Triangle – (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and back) which is the tourist name of the area but to the local Indian, they don’t know that this name exists.

These are a few posts from India:


I think these do not represent the diversity and the real India enough, (as nobody can) as there are so many other places in India that I have to see…

Map of India:


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Remembering Syria

We were in Syria in 2011, for an 8 day guided tour trip around the country. Since we left, almost every day, I hear the news about the uprising in Syria . Believe it or not, today was exactly the day in 2011 that we left Syria at the border for Jordan and at the same time the uprising started to erupt in Daraa, the border city with Jordan. Since then, thousand have been killed and millions made homeless in Syria’s civil war. Sadly enough this has also caused irreparable damage to some of the world most precious historical sites.
We were lucky enough to see some of those historical sites all around Syria. I will dedicate my next posts to my memory of the good old Syria …

Please note a click with your mouse to top left hand corner of each picture gives a description.

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Map of Syria: