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I used to be an expat, living in the Middle East for 10 years, hence the reason this blog started. Though I move on, these are the blog posts of my memories living as an expat both in Qatar and in Bahrain.

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Happy Christmas Everyone…


I meant to write something about what Christmas mean in the Middle East where the population ‘predominantly’ Muslim, but did not quite manage it. So I just post a picture of how we in Qatar, celebrating Christmas in public places.

Marry Christmas to you guys.

Picture above are taken by my iPhone in my office, Doha

ps. better picture coming soon….

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The English Lottery

Ketika saya bekerja di Jakarta hampir 10 tahun yang lalu, kadang-kadang di kantor ada pasar taruhan dalam rangka pertandingan sepakbola piala dunia, tapi saya tidak pernah ambil bagian dengan kegiatan itu. Sayapun kurang ingat bagaimana aturan mainnya, maklum karena saya tidak terlibat, biasanya para pegawai… Read More