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This should be a gallery/slide-show of photographs as an introduction to a better collection in: However, I sometime talk about my interpretation of photography here as well.

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Masai People

Part of the tour in Tanzania was a visit to a Masai village, where we were greeted by the chief’s son followed by traditional Masai dance and then a view of their life as well as going into their very simple hut.

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Pride of Lions in Pictures

The one that I love during my safari in Africa was watching a lion pride’s, their interaction with each other and maybe a fight between them if we are lucky…  as I capture above – click the (i) on the top left hand corner of the picture for more information.

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To the local, Palmyra is Tadmor, a small town in the middle of Syrian dessert, Northeast of Damascus; at the junction between Baghdad, Damascus and Aleppo. Palmyra was an established caravan oasis when it came under Roman control in the mid-first century AD, as part of the Roman province of Syria. Its importance was because of the trade route linking Persia, India and China with the Roman Empire, marking the crossroad for several civilisations in the ancient world.

Its discovery in the modern history in the 17th and 18th century AD then contributed to the revival of classical architectural styles and urban design in the West.

Today Palmyra is listed as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, however, this is also in the middle of war zone, thus makes it one of so many Syrian important historical sites that is bound to disappear due to human anger.

This photo gallery conclude my post series on Syria. I still have so many photo and stories of my overland travel through Syria and Jordan, which I share it as a book.

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Budapest in Pictures

I sort of half promised myself to post a gallery of pictures at least once a month on day one of each month. This month I meant to post this earlier, however, due to the original standard post and the post on my photoblog – Nin’s Lenscape, I decided to wait a bit and post this mid week. Just so that my readers can read my post slowly.

This gallery is about the photographs I took during our visit to Budapest last Autumn. It was only a short visit, 4 days, and the weather was not really friendly; nevertheless these are the images I took:

More stories about our visit to Budapest can be read:

More picture can be seen on my photoblog: Nin’s Lenscape or on 500px or on my Flickr account

I will add more stories about our visit to Budapest in the next posts.