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Archives of my yearly blog posts including my best pictures of each year. Worth to scroll down.

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Well, here we are in December, the year is almost gone…., and what did I do for the whole year? I don’t think I have done much, let alone writing something special. I did manage to post something at least 3 times a month until… Read More

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When I stepped into 2013, I didn’t have a special resolution, except to try be more consistent and post a blog at least once a week; I even put the logo of a once a week blog at WordPress. I managed to fullfill my promise till July, and after that I failed to continue, mostly due to distractions in the office, I have too many things on my plate at one time, which makes me tired once I am home and when I need to focus on my blog. I did manage to keep on blogging, sort of every 2 weeks though.

In terms of travel, I managed to go to some new places, such as doing Safaris in Tanzania and Kenya, as well as at long last I managed to visit Yemen, an unpopular country but it’s near to Qatar, so why not. – I will post that story soon. What I did in my photography was adding a new genre of my photography interest with the addition of Wildlife Photography and learnt some pointers by joining David Lloyd’s Photography Safari, where I learned a lot.

To be honest, I have to accept that I can not blog as often as I wish, which is once a week, as I realize, with my day job, I should be happy that I can blog say twice a month. I know that mid year of 2013 I was thinking whether it’s Time to Say Quit my day job as I got so frustrated with it. But as soon as I voice my thoughts on this medium, the company I work with gave me a better job, and I think I should be blessed that I still have an OK job instead complaining. So the decision was made, I will carry on working for a couple of years, before Keith & I call it a day and ride off into the sunset….

My aim is to be a better photographer, so that I can spice up my blog with nice photographs… it’s still a dream; I am not there yet, I am working on it.  However, these are some of my selected better photographs throughout the year.

Overall these are the 2013 posts:


12-26: Christmas for the expat

12-06: Doha life on a Mild Winter

12-01: Masai People (gallery)


11-29: Tented Safari in  Masai Mara

11-15:Mendarat di Nairobi

11-09: Lion Pride in Picture (gallery)


10-15: Lion Pride

10-04: Safari in Masai Mara Triangle


09-23: Balloon Ride over Serengeti Plain

09-12: Visa on Arrival in Tanzania

09-05: The truth about African Safari

09-01: Animal Spotting in Tanzania (gallery)


08-23: Photography, Into the Next Level?

08-08: Out on a Mission

08-01: Balinese (gallery)


07-25: What is Versatile

07-18: Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

07-12: Is Nasi Goreng Most Famous Indonesian Dish?

07-05: Ngaben in Picture (gallery)


06-28: Ngaben

06-21: Henna

06-14: Cemagi Residence

06-06: Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign Says

06-01: Time to Say Quit?

06-01: The Old Forge in Picture (gallery)


05-31: Time to Say Quit?

05-24: The Old Forge

05-17: Photographing Burj Khalifa

05-12: Makan Khafiar di Bandara Heathrow

05-07: The New Dubai and Burj Khalifa

05-01: Palmyra (gallery)


04-26: The Great Mosque of Aleppo

04-19: The Souk of Aleppo

04-12: The Umayyad Mosque

04-05: Damascus, In and Out the Old City

04-01: Remembering Syria (gallery)


03-29: Qatar’s New Airport

03-25: Budapest’s Architecture

03-16: Saturday Lunchtime

03-10: Visiting St. Stephen’s Baslica

03-05: Budapest in Picture (gallery)

03-01: Visiting Dohány Street Synagogue


02-22: Cafe Yogya in Budapest, Mungkinkah?

02-15: Short Break in Budapest

02-08: Applying for Schengen Visa

02-01: Apa itu Visa Schengen


01-25: Winter

01-18: Visa untuk Orang Indonesia – updated

01-11: 2012 in Review

01-06: The Pearl Qatar

01-04: New Year, New Content and Maybe…

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Looking back at 2012, I had rather routine expat life in Qatar, has no plan to move on yet; however, I managed to enjoyed a few holidays abroad, including Morocco, as the first country in Africa I’ve visited, as well as a fantastic holiday in my home country, Bali. Blogging wise, not very promising, I did not manage to blog continuously.


11-02: What a Joke


08-03: Home Coming Holiday


06-30: Wedding at the Barn

06-29: Is Blogging a Full Time Job?

06-23: Shopping Time

06-03: London in a Day – gallery

06-01: a day in London


05-18: Media Sosial, Perlukah?

05-11: Packing List

05-06: Colourfull Marrakesh – gallery

05-04: The Fantazia Show


04-27: Berber Living

04-20: Morrocan Landscape

04-13: The King Hassan II Mosque

04-03: Rick’s Cafe


03-30: Inside Fes el Bali – gallery

03-23: Going to Medina at Fes

03-16: Rabat the Capita of Morocco

03-11: Corniche in the Morning – gallery

03-09 Casablanca

03-02: Moroccan Holiday

03-02: The Atlas Medina Hotel in Marrakesh


02-22: Where about in Bali

02-11: Bali as I know it


01-27: Qatar Motor Show 2012 – gallery

01-14: Sydney Harbour Bridge


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Finally I managed to visit the other Middle East country after more than five years living in the Middle East, this time it’s Syria and Jordan; and it was before the crack down in Syria. Pictures above are selected from posts below:


12-19: 2011 Qatar National Day – gallery


11-13: High Tea at Sydney Opera House – eBlog

11-06: Nama Belakang – iBlog


10-24: Gadget Packing

10-08: Cocktail

10-03: Travel Pain


09-20: Becoming an Actress in Qatar


06-09: Jamie’s Italian in Bristol


05-31: Informasi Umroh Lewat Darat – iBlog

05-21: Inside the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus

05-08: Desert Landscape – gallery


04-19: Camel Ride at Wadi Rum

04-07:The Old City of Damascus

04-06: Orient Palace Hotel in Damascus

04-05: Syria in March

04-04: Berwisata dengan “Exodus Travel” – iBlog

04-01: Pertanyaan tentang ‘Packing’ – iBlog


02-28: Beautiful Hat


01-09: 2011 Qatar ExxonMobil Tennis Tournament


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Many things happened in 2010, one was the big milestone in my life, when I got married in Scotland. This event also co-insided with the big volcanic eruption in Iceland that disrupted all air traffic with volcanic ash in the atmosphere, which meant a no fly zone in most of Western Europe for a month.  Another milestone was a visit to Australia later in the year, mainly to attend my stepson’s wedding, but this was also my first visit to Oz.  This is list of all my blogging activities for 2010.


12-31: Preparing for the New Year

12-17: Bryan Adams in Doha


11-10: Politics, Women and Islam

11-02: WTA Championship 2010 in Doha


10-31: My Quest for Upgrading my Photography Equipment

10-10: Melbourne Cityscape – gallery


09-30: Camaraderie a la Indonesia

09-26: Jakarta Five Years On


08-14: Doha five Years On


05-01: Edinburgh Cityscape – gallery


04-27: Monogamous Duck

04-26: St Andrews, Golfing Mecca

04-25: Road Trip and Sat-Nav System

04-22: Edinburgh we Come

04-19: Ke Inggris lewat Darat

04-16: Britain is Grounded

04-01: Gretna Green


03-06: Visa for Qatar (or for TCN)

03-05: Visa for Qatar


02-13: Expatriasi ke Doha

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Cerita Tahun 2007

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