Living in Bristol & Exploring UK


Living in Bristol

Since 2015 my husband and I move to Bristol, leaving our expat life in Doha, Qatar and Manama, Bahrain behind. However, repatriating to UK is not as easy as coming back from a holiday abroad; especially as a Brit, Keith has left the country and working as an expat for most of his working life. So the plan is rekindling his memory about England and UK, the country he once grew up in.

As I am new to the country, he also wants to show me the country he loves and we decided to explore the UK together, to show me places that he has been with childhood friends and family, or places he heard about but he hasn’t been to, so that we experience the latest UK lifestyle together.

So this section of my blog is about our exploration of the newly found UK, and my adjustment to a totally different lifestyle and different outlook to what I used to know:

Below are posts about my new life in Bristol and why we choose Bristol above other places in UK

Visit Bristol & Beyond:

Keith had lived in Bristol before, but only intermittently, he only know certain part of Bristol but not all of them. He still finding new things about Bristol he never knew before, and yes, we explore new Bristol together, and again these could give you ideas of where to go and what to do in Bristol as a city break.

And if you want to visit the serounding places within 1 hour drive outside Bristol but still using Bristol as your base, they are in the section of Bristol & Beyond.