I lost count on how many years ago I start blogging and many different addresses and domains I was with. I decided to make this as the last home address; however, with so many posts, and the blog’s progresses, I understand that it is difficult to find my old post and what is this blog about. Yes, I  Categorised my post,  and there’s ‘local’ search engine that could help you, but still, I bet you still struggling to get around this blog.  That is why, I decided to make a list/table of content about this blog, especially for the older posts in this ARCHIVE page and I will update this regularly.




12-06: Doha life on a Mild Winter

12-01: Masai People (gallery)


11-29: Tented Safari in  Masai Mara

11-15:Mendarat di Nairobi

11-09: Lion Pride in Picture (gallery)


10-15: Lion Pride

10-04: Safari in Masai Mara Triangle


09-23: Balloon Ride over Serengeti Plain

09-12: Visa on Arrival in Tanzania

09-05: The truth about African Safari

09-01: Animal Spotting in Tanzania (gallery)


08-23: Photography, Into the Next Level?

08-08: Out on a Mission

08-01: Balinese (gallery)


07-25: What is Versatile

07-18: Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

07-12: Is Nasi Goreng Most Famous Indonesian Dish?

07-05: Ngaben in Picture (gallery)


06-28: Ngaben

06-21: Henna

06-14: Cemagi Residence

06-06: Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign Says

06-01: Time to Say Quit?

06-01: The Old Forge in Picture (gallery)


05-31: Time to Say Quit?

05-24: The Old Forge

05-17: Photographing Burj Khalifa

05-12: Makan Khafiar di Bandara Heathrow

05-10: Into Indonesia

05-07: The New Dubai and Burj Khalifa

05-01: Palmyra (gallery)


04-26: The Great Mosque of Aleppo

04-19: The Souk of Aleppo

04-12: The Umayyad Mosque

04-05: Damascus, In and Out the Old City

04-01: Remembering Syria (gallery)


03-29: Qatar’s New Airport

03-25: Budapest’s Architecture

03-16: Saturday Lunchtime

03-10: Visiting St. Stephen’s Baslica

03-05: Budapest in Picture (gallery)

03-01: Visiting Dohány Street Synagogue


02-22: Cafe Yogya in Budapest, Mungkinkah?

02-15: Short Break in Budapest

02-08: Applying for Schengen Visa

02-01: Apa itu Visa Schengen


01-25: Winter

01-18: Visa untuk Orang Indonesia – updated

01-11: 2012 in Review

01-06: The Pearl Qatar

01-04: New Year, New Content and Maybe…


Routine expat life in Qatar, has no plan to move on yet; however, I managed to enjoyed a few holidays abroad, including Morocco, as the first country in Africa I’ve visited, as well as a fantastic holiday in my home country, Bali. Blogging wise, not very promising, I did not manage to blog continuously.


12-23: Misty


11-02: What a Joke


08-03: Home Coming Holiday


07-07: The eye & the Bagpiper


06-30: Wedding at the Barn

06-29: Is Blogging a Full Time Job?

06-23: Shopping Time

06-16: Lantern of Marrakesh

06-09: Assorted Dried Food

06-03: London in a Day – gallery

06-02: Bab Agnaou

06-01: a day in London


05-26: Koutoubia Mosque

05-19: Ella & Adie

05-18: Media Sosial, Perlukah?

05-11: Packing List

05-06: Colourfull Marrakesh – gallery

05-04: The Fantazia Show


04-27: Berber Living

04-22: Picnic with Ollie

04-20: Morrocan Landscape

04-13: The King Hassan II Mosque

04-03: Rick’s Cafe


03-30: Inside Fes el Bali – gallery

03-23: Going to Medina at Fes

03-16: Rabat the Capita of Morocco

03-15: Bali from a distant

03-13: Must see in Bali

03-11: Corniche in the Morning

03-09 Casablanca

03-02: Moroccan Holiday

03-02: The Atlas Medina Hotel in Marrakesh


02-22: Where about in Bali

02-11: Bali as I know it

02-11: Sunset that Never Show Up


01-28: Fireworks

01-27: Qatar Motor Show 2012 – gallery

01-14: Sydney Harbour Bridge

01-01: Happy New Year!


Finally I manage to visit the other Middle East country after more than five years living in the Middle East, this time it’s Syria and Jordan; and it was before the crack down in Syria.


12-19:  2011 Qatar National Day – gallery

12-18: The Sydney Opera House


11-13: Sydney

11-13: High Tea at Sydney Opera House

11-06: Nama Belakang


10-24: Gadget Packing

10-13: Trying to Rain

10-08: Cocktail

10-03: Travel Plan


09-20: Becoming an Actress in Qatar


06-09: Jamie’s Italian in Bristol


05-31: Informasi Umroh Lewat Darat

05-21: Inside the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus

05-08: Desert Landscape


04-23: Iranian Mosque

04-19: Camel Ride in Wadi Rum

04-17: Time to Pray

04-16: Damask

04-07: The Old City of Damascus

04-06: Orient Palace Hotel in Damascus

04-05: Syria in March

04-04: Berwisata dengan Exodus Travel

04-02: View over Damascus

04-01: Pertanyaan tentang Packing


02-28: Beautiful Hat

02-09: Blue Hour

02-06: York


01-28: Sunset at the Border

01-15: Doha by Night

01-10: Doha by Night

01-09: 2011 Qatar ExxonMobile Tennis Tournament

01-07: Little Black Book

01-01: Colour Me Mauve


Got married in Scotland, that’s the adventure of the year, did not quite manage to go elsewhere until in September, we went to Australia, for a family affair.


12-24: Fort Zubara

12-31: New Year Resolution for 2011

12-31: Preparing for the New Year

12-27: Manchester

12-27: Rain Forest @ Blue Mountaiin

12-18: Yellow Umbrella

12-17: Bryan Adams in Doha

12-07: Map Flickr


11-09: Before the Winter

11-14: Scottish Bull

11-10: Politic, Women and Islam

11-02: WTA Championship 2010 in Doha


10-31: My Quest of Upgrading my Photography Equipments

10-28: Dewali di Kantor

10-10: Melbourne Cityscape


09-30: Camaraderie a la Indonesia

09-26: Jakarta Five Years On


08-14: Doha five Years On


05-05: The Root

05-01: Edinburgh Cityscpae


04-29: Arden

04-29: The Creek

04-29: Road Trip around Scotland

04-27: Monogamous Duck

04-26: St Andrews, Golfing Mecca

04-25: Road Trip and Sat-Nav System

04-22: Edinburgh we Come

04-19: Ke Inggris lewat Darat

04-16: Britain is Grounded

04-01: Gretna Green


03-28: Doha for the Expat

03-06: Visa for Qatar (or for TCN)

03-05: Visa for Qatar


02-13: Expatriasi ke Doha


Now, traveling as a couple, and we made UK become a regular place visit, even though never we never gone to the same place twice. We also visiting The Netherlands, Belgium as a new country to clock in. But did not managed to travel more, as the uncertainty of our job.


12-18: Livestock Price Shoot up


11-30: Think!

11-25: Brazil vs. Englnad

11-23: The Alternative Moon

11-15: Apartments in Doha

11-15: Main Khalifa Stadium in Qatar

11-09: The Tower

11-06: Sunset in Bahrain

11-06: Tree of Life

11-03: WTA End of Season Championship


10-24: The JH Syndrome

10-17: Crossing

10-15: Menyeberang ke Qatar

10-11: Gaya dengan Business Class

10-08: Pindahan Lagi?

10-05: Equality for Women?

10-01: Pariwisata apa yang di cari?


09-19: Terbang dengan British Airways

09-17: Airport Doha

09-17: Travel Gear

09-11: Antara Qatar & Bahrain

09-08: Ulang tahun di Kantor

09-08: Nonton Celebrity maiin Golf

09-05: Rencan Pernikaan

09-04: Desert Bahrain


08-21: Wedding Option

08-18: It Grows in the wild

08-15: Your Address Please

08-12: Jalan Tikus

08-11: Local Cuisine

08-10: The Traffic Issue in Jakarta

08-10: Issue Transportasi di Jakarta


07-30: Pindahan

07-29: Rencana Liburan yang Kacau

07-29: Packing again…

07-28: Mungkinkah Kami Pindah ke Qatar

07-28: Am I or are We Going Back to Qatar?

07-26: Saatnya untuk Pindah…?

07-26: Time to Move On?

07-20: Resesi di Negeri Orang?

07-20: Recession in Foreign Country?

07-18: Nonton Bioskop di Bahrain

07-14: Memesan tiket Penerbangan

07-07: Kapan Harus Pergi ke Agen Perjalanan?

07-03: Wimbledon di Dubai Sport

07-01: Am I Loosing my Independence?

07-01: Apakah Saya Kehilangan Kebebasan Saya?


06-30: Naik Mobil di Inggris Selatan – 2

06-29: Ngarai Cheddar

06-29: Cheddar Gorge

06-23: South England by Car

06-20: Bath

06-19: Bath as I seeIt

06-12: Al Areen’s Wild Bird

06-12: Al Areen’s Oryx

06-09: English Manor

06-07: Around Windsor

06-07: Naik Mobil di Inggris Selatan – 1

06-07: Guildford & Beyond

06-06: Manama By Night


05-30: Thinking

05-30: Traditional Banking System

05-30: Manama in the Afternoon

05-27: Travel & Photography

05-27: Berwisata dan Photography

05-15: Perkawinan Champur

05-15: Mixed Marriage

05-09: Group Picture

05-09: Passport Photo

05-05: Melting Pot

05-03: Dog Day Afternoon

05-03: Dog Day Afternoon

05-01: A Bridge Too Far

05-01: The Pearl


04-26: Membuat visa ke Inggris

04-25: Wisata ke Inggris

04-24: Ready to Launch

04-21: Alcohol Ban in Bahrain

04-01: Resesi di Arabia


03-27: Dead Leaf

03-17: in Bruge

03-15: Canals of Amsterdam

03-13: Rotterdam

03-13: Holland’s Landscape

03-11: Castle Combe

03-11: The Gates

03-11:  RT Countryside England 1

03-11:  RT Countryside England

03-11: Badminton Village

03-09: Spinnaker Tower

03-09: Royal Crescent

03-08: Greenness

03-08: Country Side

03-07: Stonehenge

03-07: M3

03-07: Chess

03-07: Berkunjung ke Stonehenge

03-06: Guildford’s Travelodge

03-06: Serene

03-06: Spring is Here

03-06: White Ensign

03-05: English Language

03-05: SIM Iindonesia di UK

03-02: Populasi Qatar

03-01: Perempuan Saudi

03-01: Visa untuk Orang Iindonesia


02-28: Disconnected

02-24: Qatar dan Bahrain

02-17: Peringatan Ashoora di Bahrain

02-07: Mapping My Travel (p)

02-04: Merencanakan Liburan


01-24: The Walk

01-17: Eaten by It

01-15: Villa di Bali

01-10: Window

01-09: My Sofa


Despite the plan to move to Abu Dhabi, which enable me to pay a visit to Abu Dhabi, I ended up moved to Bahrain, and having a regular travel partner traveling to UK, and elsewhere:


12-22: Penerbangan ke Indonesia

12-20: Manila Kesan Pertama

12-19: My First Impression of Manila

12-18: Only in Bali

12-14: Bungy Jumping

12-08: Belanja di Indonesia

12-07: Liburan Pulang Kampung


11-26: Rutinitas di tempat baru

11-20: Merencanakan Liburan ke Philipina


10-19: Bekerja di Bahrain

10-19: Working in Bahrain

10-19: Mafia

10-19: Kehidupan Malam di Bahrain

10-18: Maya

10-18: Maya Chocollateries

10-16: BBQ di Kantor

10-12: Travel Quotes

10-11: The Boring Bit

10-10: Bahrain Kesan Pertama

10-09: Teman-teman di Kantor

10-09: Satu hari sebelum Pindah

10-09: Tujuan Bahrain

10-09: Menuju Bahrain

10-08: Pindahan

10-06: Eid Festival di Doha

10-02: Eid Festival di Doha

10-02: Lebaran di Doha


09-19: Visa kerja

09-18: Doggie

09-13: Gaya Traveling

09-13: Dokumen Perjalanan

09-12: Map Blog

09-12: Season Traveler

09-07: Relic Sites – Qatar

08-23: Mencari Pekerjaan di Luar Negeri 2


07-23: Paket Gaji Tergantung Dari Lokasi Penempatan


06-15: Mencari Pekerjaan di Luar Negeri 1


05-13: Time to Move On

05-12: Bagaimana Menghindari Penipuan Agen

05-02: Bekerja di Luar Negeri


04-30: Rencana Keuangan

04-29: Cara Kerja Agen Tenaga Kerja (p)

04-28: Tugas Agen Tenaga Kerja (p)

04-27: Agen Tenaga Kerja (p)

04-26: Expatriasi

04-22: Penipuan Agen (p)


02-11: Lapangan Pekerjaan di Arabia

02-09: Kelemahan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia

02-09: Masalah TKI


01-18: Setibanya di Doha

01-18: Kesalahan Teknis

01-08: Khamsin

01-08: Persiapan Sebelum Berangkat


While still working in Qatar, I manage to visit neighbouring countries such as Bahrain and later that year, to Dubai for the first time. Along the way I also visited US and Greece:


12-31: Cerita tahun 2007

12-14: the Camel City

12-14: Crossing

12-12: Musibah

12-11: Paket Gaji Expat

12-11 Al Shahaniya the Camel City


11-25: Konsumsi Alkohol

11-09: Dress Code 3

11-05: Greece 2007


10-20: Ramadhan Festifal

10-09: Puasa di Kantor

10-03: Diskusi tentang Kulinari

10-02: East Coast USA 2007

10-01: Compensation Trend


09-14: Visa ke Eropa

09-14: Ideal Job: Pekerjaan Ideal

09-01: Qatar National Holiday


06-20: Oresund Brond

06-15: Bahrain – Impresi Pertama


04-02: Dubai atau Doha


Living as an expat and start traveling independently, with different travel companion each time: to Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand with my sister. To UK, with a prospective boyfriend, and to Sri Lanka with a colleague.


11-23: Jumpa Teman Lama


10-08: Kandalama Hotel Karya Geoffrey Bawa


06-17: Street Photography


03-26: Sundrise at Angkor Wat

03-24: Sisterhood of Traveling Pants

03-15: Apartemen Baru

03-05: WTA Tournamen di Doha


02-22: End of Season (p)

02-20: The First Bid Holiday

02-14: Annual Dinner


01-06: Nonton Tennis Gratis


The year I got a job offer to work abroad and thus I start this blog, mainly as my journal of living as an expat:


12-14: Dress Code 2


11-29: Berteman di Negeri Orang

11-12: Dress Code 1


10-28: Ijin kerja

10-18: Sudut Pandan yang Berbeda

10-09: Sebulan di Doha

10-08: Lingkungan Baru

10-05: Bulan Puasa

10-04: Ramadhan Pertama


09-25: Membeli Mobil 1

09-10: Melakukan Expatriasi

09-02: Doha 2005


08-28: Arab Hospitality

08-19: Awalnya: “Ini Cerita Saya…”

08-14: Boyongan ke Doha

08-11: Expat!

08-11: Numerisasi Imbalan jasa

08-10: Tawaran Pekerjaan


06-29: Mengapa Jakarta Macet (P)


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