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Expat&ExpatriationExpatriation & (maybe) Repatriation– Notes of my life as an Indonesian expat in the Middle East, mostly in Qatar and Bahrain. This started off with the job offer, the expectation and the preparation of expatriation. I also write about why I decided to become an expat and moving to another country and leaving a promising career at home to work in a foreign country and become an expat to the end and when I decide to say goodbye to living in a foreign country. It is also about my interpretation of the cultural shock when I have to deal with different cultures and traditions and other sorts of confusion.

Post about expat living in general:


Travel&ResourcesTravel & Resources – Traveling is part of the fun of being an expat, not only to travel back to my home country, but also to other countries. That is why my blog slowly transforms from an expat blog to be more of a travel blog. However, because I am an Indonesian, I always need an extra preparation. Visa preparation is always an issue, especially when I want to travel to a developed country. This section is about my experience that could be a resource for those who need to prepare visa and anything to do with preparation before hitting the road. This section also covering my packing dilemma, and travel gear.

Travel&PhotographyTravel & Photography – Photography is part of travel, everybody should take their camera while traveling, or lets say that taking pictures is part of traveling, that is OK for just a simple selfie or a serious photography tour. In my case, I can not go with out my camera. Although I am not good at photographing people, I believe its the people, the culture, the tradition, the architecture, the city, that are interesting and to create the travel, that includes the lifestyle, or as simple as the landmark of a place that is worth seeing, that is why I also go to funny places like Al Hamadiyya souk in Damascus or Sanaa in Yemen instead of shopping in Paris.



Now, where have I been?

Although I started traveling before I became an expat, but this blog only covers my travels during my expat life. And yes, I prefer to travel with a partner, be it with my sister (see “Sisterhood of Traveling Pants”) to Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand. After that I visited a friend and traveled together doing a road-trip on the East Coast US. Not long after that, I met my permanent travel partner, Keith, who I still travel with until now. Together we have traveled to Sri Lanka, in 2006 and then to Bahrain, Greece, and UAE in 2007.  Unlike those ‘real travelers’, who travel continuously; we only  travel for max. two weeks at a time, and maximum 26 days a year, then we go back to our base (Doha). We didn’t travel much in 2008, as that was the period between deployment to Bahrain, where we finally moved to Bahrain near the end of that year.

Living in the Middle East, either Bahrain or Qatar, actually gave us the opportunity to travel even more, as Europe is only 4 to max 6 hours flight away as well as South and South East Asia. Which is why we also decided to visit Europe: England, Belgium and the Netherlands. I even agreed to get married in Scotland, in 2010 and pay another visit to UK later that year. However, as interesting as Europe is, I decided not to go to Europe as I think it’s better to do Europe when we live there – even though we managed to go to Hungary for a long week end holiday.   For every holiday, as there are so many other places that maybe are less popular but doesn’t mean that it’s less interesting. Thus from 2011 my husband and I decided to even nearer countries from Qatar, like Jordan, Syria, Morocco, Oman, UAE, and even down south to Africa: Kenya and Tanzania. Yes, on occasions, because Keith’s children live in Australia, and my close family still live in Indonesia, annually we also have to visit them, in Indonesia.

This year, as this is our last year living in the Middle East and as we are still working, I decided to do our last fling of fancy holidays to Yemen, India, Iran and Turkey,  and maybe later the year we’ll go to Ethiopia, before we call it the day and leave the Middle East.

Internet&SocMedTravel goes hand in hand with photography, but photography does not come easy for me. I too have had my struggles with photography, from choosing the right gear, to take with me on my trips, to post processing it afterwards, and then showing it off online.  This section is also about my existence on the internet, either my blogging dilemma, or how I try to reach out to the family I left behind not only to weekly 10 minutes Skype but also through the social media facility, and yet it is hard to communicate with them. I also sometimes muse about other things.

reveiw&experienceAs I’ve visited, dined, and stayed in many places, I can’t  help myself to compare, and one can say ‘review‘ all of what I’ve experience either as simple as  eating out in Doha or dining in a fancy restaurant elsewhere. I don’t know much about cooking, thus my experience & review is not about the food but more about my enjoyment of taking food photography, and if you are lucky I might write a secret Indonesian food recipe. Similar to the food business, I am interested and curious on hospitality services thus, I also have opinion on the places I stayed, be it a simple bed & breakfast, hotel or even an apartment; my opinion on the later is more from my architecture background, so not about the services, but about the layout and its function-ability.

Please also check out my photography website, where I try to compile my best photographs: ninslenscape-logo

Some links worth to check, where I upload my best photographs:

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