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The Sunset that never show up


I was waiting for the ‘magic hour’ near the Sydney’s Botanical Garden to catch the sunset with Sydney Harbour Bridge as the feature… but it seems it never happened that day. Instead this is the picture that I could manage.

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Sydney’s Harbour Bridge

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I think Sydney Harbour bridge is one of the most pictured bridge in the world,  the Bridge, and it’s surrounding location, it has a lot of vantage points

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High Tea at Sydney Opera House

In modern day life, drinking tea is not as popular as drinking coffee. The YUPPies (Young Urban Professionals) are having “coffee breaks” during office hours instead of “Tea Time”.   However, having  afternoon tea is still popular among older people, they call it High Tea.… Read More

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I was waiting for the sunset at Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney; but it seems the weather was overcast and very cloudy. It seem there would not be any sunset. Thus I took the picture anyway, as I can’t be there again by the next day….

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Melbourne – Cityscape

This is my first visit to Melbourne, Australia. I try to take picture as much as possible as I don’t really know if I ever will come back again, as there are so many places in the world to visit still.