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Visited country of Bahrain

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I lived in Bahrain in 2008 to 2009, and that was when I started to blog with photographs, but as it was the beginning of my photography obsession, I did not do it properly. That means I took picture just to help me remember where I’ve been, as they say a camera preserves memories.   But then I can’t remember where I kept all those photos, besides changing my computer and moving homes, packing and unpacking, down-sizing and all those things made me loose my files as well, and I lost most of my Bahrain photos.

This little collection of Bahrain photographs will help me remember my stay in Bahrain and as a proof of how my photography quality has evolved.

This will also help me in recalling all my posts about Bahrain:

Map of Bahrain:

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While I enjoyed traveling Business class, Keith who traveled a few days after me had to struggle driving the car crossing the borders into Saudi Arabia before arriving at Qatar. The plan was to leave our apartment for the last time at 8.00 am in the morning and hoping to reach our Doha office at late lunch. Around 2 pm max.

It was eleven o clock, and I was fiddling with my Arabian map in the office, and trying to figure out where abouts he was in Saudi and say he drove an average of 100km/hour… either he had passed Dammam (the closest city in Saudi to Bahrain) or still around Dammam when Keith called me, “Hello Nin…., I am still alive and still at the Saudi Border!”

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Menyeberang ke Qatar

Saya memang terbang dengan Business Class, dari Manama Bahrain ke Qatar; barang yang saya bawa juga seadanya, meskipun terus exceed the limit, tapi permasalahan belum selesai disitu. Bagaimana dengan barang-barang yang lain? seperti TV misalnya dan mobil kami? dan yang paling penting buat saya mungkin… Read More