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There are other places outside London, Bristol is one of it, but there are a lot of other things beyond Bristol as well, and these are my findings…

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Cycling to Pill

Having not being able to gallivant around the world (which I haven’t done for more than 2 years now), my interest now is more of traveling locally within UK. However, since early this year, even traveling within the UK was banned because of lockdown. So one has to be creative; to travel doesn’t mean you need to go abroad, …

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Lavender Field

Ketika salah satu tamu saya yang berkunjung ke Bristol bertanya apabila ada kemungkinan untuk melihat Lavender Field, saya mendadak bingung. Selama hampir empat tahun saya tinggal di UK, tidak pernah terpikir oleh saya untuk datang ke Kebun Lavender – Lavender Field. Memang banyak foto-foto di… Read More

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Siapa yang mengira bahwa negara Inggris yang kita kenal pernah di jajah? Saya tidak pernah dengar tentang ini sampai saya datang ke kota Bath, di Barat Inggris. Travel partner saya yang juga pernah tinggal di Bath untuk beberapa tahun bercerita tentang sejarah kota tua Bath… Read More

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Bath… in Picture

Even though we stayed in Bath for three nights, but we managed to explore Bath for a day. It is a beautiful city of the UK, and very impressive… at least to me. But according to my guide, at the moment it seems it’s undergoing a major urban facelift, where many of its the facade of the building are a bit blotchy, some are still a bit dark and dirty, yet some others are clean and looks well maintained.

The Architecture:

One of the corner at the Circus Bath

Bath abbey

Little court yard with lots of little secrets

I must admit looking at the beauty of the building, the architecture, the material, and how the whole city put together within the train and then the functionality and the operational of the city, made me think that I need to revisit my architecture history subject when I studied architecture.

It was the combination of blue sky, transparent tree and the architecture that fascinates me…


Because of the location in the valley, made the whole city could be seen straight away… and in my view, that made Bath look prettier than any other city, One can see the city straight away, without looking to a map.

The Key is in the Detail

2021.02.13: End Note

When we travel we tend to take picture for the memory we create. Thus this is why I took these picture, however, sometime somewhere, I lost these pictures. I was lucky that I managed to upload them to this post and now I re arrange it and stays here.