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The Imam Square in Esfahan

Walking about in a souk or bazaar or traditional market can be enjoyable as well as frustrating. It’s enjoyable because you will see so many other things that you won’t see in high street shops, from the variety of the items they sell, the activities… Read More

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The English Lottery

Ketika saya bekerja di Jakarta hampir 10 tahun yang lalu, kadang-kadang di kantor ada pasar taruhan dalam rangka pertandingan sepakbola piala dunia, tapi saya tidak pernah ambil bagian dengan kegiatan itu. Sayapun kurang ingat bagaimana aturan mainnya, maklum karena saya tidak terlibat, biasanya para pegawai… Read More

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Iran, the Forgotten Destination

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Ever since I came back from my Iran holiday, when ever I read or watch the news on TV, I seem to hear about Iran, which made me think as if Iran is the flavour of this month’s news. Or maybe I am biased as I am so fascinated about Iran at the moment. Well, I think I am not totally wrong because even though I don’t normally follow political news, but because of the turmoil on the border of Iran-Iraq state, Iran might work with the US on how to handle the situation, and even the UK plans to reopen it’s embassy in Iran, And there’s another (old) news of the more liberal new Iranian Leader who is willing to open a discussion with US.

Similar to when I told my friends that we planned to visit Yemen, they were also asking me why did I want to go to Iran? It’s an unstable country and what is there in Iran anyway? My reply then was the same as going to Yemen, and its all about the architecture. But once I saw Iran, except the architecture, everything I heard and I knew about Iran was shattered. Right when we arrived in the Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA), to Tehran, and to other places within the country, Iran was clean, very modern, the city was green, a lot of tree lined avenues and most of all, the people, they were very friendly very open (I am not talking about the government and the politics here).

Regardless of all the news and negative propaganda by the press about Iran, I am glad that Keith and I managed to see Iran when it hadn’t been soiled with McDonalds or KFC.


Map of Iran:


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Let’s Go to a Concert

“Let’s go to a concert, there’s a live concert next Friday in Shiraz; who want’s to go?”  That was the invitation from our tour guide, for an extra to our tour schedule. I was a bit apprehensive as we were in  a foreign country and… Read More