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My inspiration, rant and everything else about life, ideas, inspiration, frustration and opinion about everything and anything. Not including in this is my review related to where to stay on holidays or where to eat out…

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Why Bristol?

“Kenapa Bristol?” – pertanyaan yang di lontarkan secara lugu oleh seorang teman lama yang kebetulan berkunjung ke UK. Pertanyaan yang seharusnya dipertanyakan sebelum saya pindah ke Bristol, empat tahun yang lalu, atau bahkan lebih lama dari itu. Pertanyaan yang harusnya sudah saya pertanyakan ketika kami… Read More

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The Beast from the East?

When we moved to the UK in November 2015 after living in the Middle East for 10 years, my husband was a bit scared that we might suffer from the British Winter.  However, that year was maybe the mildest UK winter ever; the temperature was… Read More

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Late Autumn

In some areas of the Northern Hemisphere it is already snowing, but other places it is still very much Autumn. This is why I think I haven’t really missed the Autumn posting yet. I am not originally from a 4 season country and that is… Read More

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City Living

In my last post I wrote about my confusion on whether my husband and I should live in the city or in the countryside.   It is now almost a year that we have been back in the UK and living in the city.  As… Read More