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Visited country of Hungary

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Budapest in Pictures

I sort of half promised myself to post a gallery of pictures at least once a month on day one of each month. This month I meant to post this earlier, however, due to the original standard post and the post on my photoblog – Nin’s Lenscape, I decided to wait a bit and post this mid week. Just so that my readers can read my post slowly.

This gallery is about the photographs I took during our visit to Budapest last Autumn. It was only a short visit, 4 days, and the weather was not really friendly; nevertheless these are the images I took:

More stories about our visit to Budapest can be read:

More picture can be seen on my photoblog: Nin’s Lenscape or on 500px or on my Flickr account

I will add more stories about our visit to Budapest in the next posts.

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Café Yogya di Budapest, Mungkinkah?

Jawabannya, mungkin! Dan memang benar-benar ada. Pertama kali melihat papan namanya terpampang di Octóber 6 Utcában, atau mungkin artinya di Jalan October 6, saya agak bingung, mungkin saja ini adalah salah satu nama a-la bahasa Hungaria yang tidak termasuk dalam rumpun bahasa inggris atau Germanic… Read More