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Out of my traditional trips while living in the Arabian Peninsula, Hungary is the one of European countries that is reachable from Qatar as organising its visa is not as imposible as the rest of the Schengen nations. However, this visit is only a city-break, in Budapest and beyond

Buda Castle

This picture may look like and HDR photograph, but the truth is this is what its looks like when I took the shot. The sky was overcast, very cloudy, and it was around 7pm,  the light was just turn on. I was surprise with the result as well then.

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Budapest in Pictures

I sort of half promised myself to post a gallery of pictures at least once a month on day one of each month. This month I meant to post this earlier, however, due to the original standard post and the post on my photoblog – Nin’s Lenscape, I decided to wait a bit and post this mid week. Just so that my readers can read my post slowly.

This gallery is about the photographs I took during our visit to Budapest last Autumn. It was only a short visit, 4 days, and the weather was not really friendly; nevertheless these are the images I took:

More stories about our visit to Budapest can be read:

More picture can be seen on my photoblog: Nin’s Lenscape or on 500px or on my Flickr account

I will add more stories about our visit to Budapest in the next posts.

After the Rain

St Stephan Basilica in Budapest

St. Stephan’s Basilica after the rain taken from the beginning of the corridor

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Café Yogya di Budapest, Mungkinkah?

Jawabannya, mungkin! Dan memang benar-benar ada. Pertama kali melihat papan namanya terpampang di Octóber 6 Utcában, atau mungkin artinya di Jalan October 6, saya agak bingung, mungkin saja ini adalah salah satu nama a-la bahasa Hungaria yang tidak termasuk dalam rumpun bahasa inggris atau Germanic… Read More