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Out of my traditional trips while living in the Arabian Peninsula, Hungary is the one of European countries that is reachable from Qatar as organising its visa is not as imposible as the rest of the Schengen nations. However, this visit is only a city-break, in Budapest and beyond

The Chain Bridge in Budapest

“People who have lost relationships often wonder why they can’t just let it be “water under the bridge.” It is water under the bridge – the trouble is we do not live on the bridge but in the river of life with its many twists and turns.”

 – Grant Fairley

Chain Bridge in Budapest or better known locally as The Széchenyi Chain Bridge is the suspension bridge that span over River Danube between Buda and Pest. It was designed in 1839 by an English Engineer, William Tierney Clark and was opened for the first time ten years later in 1849 as the first permanent bridge that connect the East and the West of the city. However, this bridge was badly damage during the World War II, rebuild and re opened again 100 years after it was first open.

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Short Break in Budapest

I was excited when we decided to have a short holiday in Budapest, as this will be my first time to go Central Europe and see the famous river Danube. But oops, ….I should not get too excited too soon, as Danube is grey, however,… Read More

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View from the Fishermen’s Bastion

View from the Fishermen’s Bastion

Budapest is well known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Chain Bridge maybe the most iconic landmark of Budapest, however, it could be seen from many angle. This photograph is as another example, the lower city as seen from the Fisherman’s Bastion