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Visited country of India

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The Golden Triangle of India

India has many regions and generally you can describe the Indian Regions as East India, North India, North East India, South India and West India, yet these regions, each of them are still very big regions. To the locals, these regions are divided into different… Read More

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Glimpse of India

India is big and very diverse; thus it is hard to see India from one region only. Recently I just came back from India, and as usual, I brought back a lot of photographs, however, I don’t believe that a weeks visit will capture the whole country, as I only went there for Holi Festival, which I didn’t really manage to capture the festival.   The other “classic” tour of India, The Golden Triangle – (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and back) which is the tourist name of the area but to the local Indian, they don’t know that this name exists.

These are a few posts from India:


I think these do not represent the diversity and the real India enough, (as nobody can) as there are so many other places in India that I have to see…

Map of India: