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Visited country of Jordan

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Crossing Jordan

I visited Jordan in 2011, but my post on Jordan is limited, as I was so fascinated with Syrian heritage (which is now destroyed by the civil war). In a nutshell, I arrived in Jordan from Syria

by bus, the day the Arab Spring erupted in Daraa, Syria, and I entered Jordan from Daraa.   Anyway, I am alive and kicking now and still traveling around Arabia.

Regardless of that, this post is about Jordan, and my visit to the country that is famous for Petra. where Hollywood sometimes makes movies, Indiana Jones and Transporter used Petra as the background. However, Jordan is not only about Petra, it is also about other places that are equally fascinating such as Jerash as well as equally historical such as Madaba and Al Karak, or even the experience of floating in the Dead Sea or riding camels  in Wadi Rum, crossing the desert.

The pictures above are where we visited in Jordan as captured by my camera in 2011.

I will post more stories on Jordan in time, however this is the post on Jordan so far:

Historical map of Jordan:

Jordan Historical map